Best Shampoo for Pugs To Fit Various Skin Types

best shampoo for pugs

When it comes to bath time for your pug, you may be wondering what products are safe to use.

Shampoos can have potentially harmful chemicals or otherwise ineffective formulas.

It’s best to learn your pug’s skin type or sensitivities and what shampoos could potentially harm your pug.

I’ve done my research and found five terrific products to try out. And I also have some tips on what to avoid.

Check out my picks for the best shampoo for pugs!

Best Bowls for Pugs| Hassle Free Feeding in [2022]

best bowls for pugs

There are many conflicting ideas about what a dog bowl is supposed to do for your Pug.

Should your pug have a raised bowl? A tilted bowl? A low-sitting bowl?

When it comes to our brachycephalic buddies, eating is a little awkward.

Imagine trying to lap up dinner from a deep bowl as flat as your face.

When it comes to pug dining at my house, I have found some that work really well where others fail. I rounded up 5 of the best bowls for Pugs I could find.

Let’s dive in.

Best Car Seats for Pugs to Stay Safe on Trips

Little dogs like pugs can really get whipped around on car rides. When it comes to abrupt stops, windy ways, or bumpy roads, they need security to protect them from bouncing around. You may not be too familiar

5 Best Pug Carriers for Hiking, Walking, or Traveling

pug carriers

Taking trips with your pug is inevitable. You’re going to need to take them for regular check-ups, to the groomer, and on adventures.

You will want a stable carrier to get you from A to B.There are more options now more than ever to buy a cozy and convenient carrier of your choosing.

I rounded up the top 5 best pug carriers to shed some light on what to look for when buying.

With the help of my pug Sid, we checked these products out for you and here’s what we found.

Can A Pug’s Eye Pop Out? (What To Do And How To Avoid It!)

It looks like a scene from a horror movie.

One second your pup is out playing, going about its day like any other. The next, one of its eyes is out where it shouldn’t be, practically hanging down its face.

It sounds surreal, but these things actually happen. It’s called eye proptosis, and while it constitutes an emergency, it doesn’t have to end badly if you know how to respond.

Here is everything you need to know about proptosis and what to do when a pug eye pops out.