Best Belly Band For Pugs: In-Depth Buying Guide [2023]

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best belly bands for pugs

Is your pug having problems not being able to hold it all in?

If they’re having trouble with incontinence or excited urinating, belly bands may give you the answer you seek.

I haven’t had this issue yet with Sid, but I thought it was a super resourceful area to touch on if you have a pug in need.

I didn’t even know until recently that there was a solution for incontinence issues.

Here, we can discuss whether your pug will benefit from a belly band.

And I’ve listed the top 5 best belly bands for pugs I could find.


Dog Belly Bands for Pugs: Key Takeaways

1. It is routine for intact male dogs to mark their territory. If your pug has reached sexual maturity.

But you haven’t had the opportunity to have him neutered, belly bands are excellent for temporary marking prevention.

2. Elderly pugs sometimes lose control of their bladder as part of the natural aging process.

Belly bands catch any dribbles that your pug couldn’t hold in between potty breaks.

3. Especially common in youth, submissive urination happens when your pug is too excited, nervous, or showing passivity.

Until your pug outgrows this issue, belly bands can save your furniture and carpet.

4. While marking is more prevalent in males, females still have issues with incontinence and submissive urination sometimes.

Females that are not yet spayed will also bleed while in heat. Some designs help with female pugs that fit more like diapers.


Best Belly Bands for Pugs: Quick Picks


What is a Pug Belly Band?

Owners apply belly bands to their pugs to act as an absorbent cloth for submissive urination, incontinence, and marking issues.

There are generally two kinds of belly bands:

1. Reusable Belly Bands

Reusable, or washable, belly bands usually come in packs of two or more. You can alternate each band when they get dirty.

Most are machine or hand washable, so you can thoroughly rinse them out and then place them into your washer to clean.

2. Disposable Belly Bands

Disposable belly bands are the same concept as the reusable kind, but you can just toss them out after your pug urinates in it.

Many have strips that change color, so you know for sure that it’s dirty.

3. Options for Female Pugs

If you have a female pug who is incontinent or urinates when she’s excited, there are also diaper options that help cover her necessary parts.

They are typically called diapers, which you can find in both cloth and disposable styles, too.


Do You Need a Belly Band for Pugs?

You won’t need a belly band for your pug unless they have an issue with their bladder.

I have personally never had to use a belly band for Sid at this point.

However, as he gets up there in age, that may change one day.

1. Potty Training

This may be a good measure to take if you’re training your puppy.

If you use it as a precautionary, they won’t leave puddles in your home.

But be aware, you should only use this temporarily until your puppy gets the hang out going outside.

2. Incontinence

Incontinence can come from a variety of health issues your pug may develop as they age.

Some common causes are kidney disease, neurological diseases, bladder infections, tumors, and cancer.

When dogs develop certain health ailments, it causes their body to develop a strong, irresistible urge to urinate.

It is important to note that this is not a behavioral issue as they cannot control it.

Buying your pug a belly band can prevent indoor accidents and reduce mess.

3. Submissive or Excited Urination

Submissive urination happens when your pug feels inferior to another dog or human.

It’s subconscious and definitely not your pug’s fault.

If you know they will be in a situation that could cause submissive peeing, it may be a great idea to get a belly band.

Excited peeing is different from submissive peeing, and it’s usually something pug’s outgrow after puppyhood. Excitement, rather than inferiority, causes a dog to release the contents in their bladder.

Aside from both of these issues, it’s important to note that sometimes excessive punishment can cause fearful urination.

Pugs are generally very happy-go-lucky. Over-correcting their behavior can sometimes lead to undesirable habits.

4. Marking Territory

Unneutered male pugs may start marking their territory when they reach sexual maturity.

This behavior can begin after roughly six months of age.

They may mark the corners of your house or belongings.

While the proper solution to this problem is having your male pug fixed, belly bands can provide a temporary fix until you can make that happen.


5 Best Belly Bands for Pugs

1. Best Overall: Teamoy Belly Bands for Male Dogs with Removable Pads

The Teamoy Belly Bands for Male Dogs with Removable Pads is my personal favorite for the list.

They are lasting and easy to put on your pug.

Each comes with its own removable liner, so you can remove it when damp and toss it in the wash.

When you accurately measure, the band fits around your pug, covering the genitals.

The removable pieces of absorbent cloth fasten to the inside with four snaps.

The outer fabric is waterproof, so it won’t leak through the band once your pug is wet.

It has wide magic tape connections that secure it around your pug’s middle.

The entire component is machine washable, but you will need to connect the magic tape portions before you wash.


  • Extra removable cloth
  • Snug fit
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Machine washable
  • Requires regular cleaning

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2. Best Value: JoyDaog Reusable Belly Bands

You get four belly bands total with the JoyDaog Reusable Belly Band pack, so I found it to be the best value. They are affordable and easy to put on.

Each one has double-layered microfiber, but the absorbent middle doesn’t come apart as our first selection did.

You may find that feature more convenient so there is no disassembly before you clean it.

It has elastic edges for optimal fit around your pug’s waist. These little belly bands are durable and efficient.

However, I would not recommend if your pug is a heavy wetter, since they don’t have quite as much absorbency.


  • 4-pack
  • Elastic band for snug fit
  • No disassembly needed
  • Not for heavy wetters

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3. Best Disposable: All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap

If you don’t want to toy with the hassle of washing belly bands for your pug, consider the All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wraps.

They are incredibly absorbent and very convenient.

You just fasten the band and toss it in the trash when your pug wets himself.

These wraps come in a 50-pack, so you have quite a bit of time in between purchases.

The straps don’t catch fur, so you won’t have to worry about it pulling your Pug’s hair.

They have a super flexible 360-degree fit to prevent leaking.

There’s also a convenient indicator that changes color when the pad gets wet.

The only downfall is that the pads can’t be reused, but that may be even more convenient for your needs.


  • Disposable
  • Wetness indicator
  • Convenient
  • Not reusable

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4. Best Style: IN HAND Washable Male Dog Diapers

These IN HAND Washable Male Dog Diapers are super cute choices!

Each design is bright and stylish, stealing my vote for the best looking belly bands.

They fit nicely around your pug’s body with elastic inseams.

There are Velcro straps to secure the belly band to your pug.

The absorbent portion is sewn inside of the band, so there is no need to remove any portions before washing.

These bands are well-stitched and high-quality, so they should hold up very well through washing and wear.

The Velcro portion isn’t as secure as some of the other selections on the top 5, but it still works for the intended purpose.


  • Super stylish
  • One-piece
  • High quality
  • Velcro isn’t as secure as some others

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5. Best for Females: wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

I didn’t forget your ladies. If you have a female pug who is having some issues with incontinence or submissive peeing, the wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers are a smart selection.

Instead of fitting around the abdomen, they fit around the bottom of the female.

If you have a female pug in heat, you can also use these diapers for that purpose.

There are several different style choices, so you can choose the one you think your little pug lady would wear the best.

There is an opening for her tail to fit through, and elastic seams around the hind legs.

The waistband is very adjustable, fitting snugly to the body.These really are adorable selections for a female pug.

However, be very careful with sizing when you order because there have been complaints about inaccurate sizing charts.


  • Ideal for females
  • Several color patterns
  • Adjustable waist
  • Sizing chart may be slightly off

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Hopefully, one of these Pugs belly bands suits your needs so you can prevent in-home accidents.

The Teamoy Belly Bands for Male Dogs with Removable Pads was my favorite because they were affordable, easy to clean, and well-made.

But if you have other criteria, maybe one of the alternatives is a better match for you.