Can Pugs Swim? Here is Everything You Need to Know

can pugs swim

Are you planning on taking your pug for a swim with you? Well, that’s cute, and it’s good you’re concerned about your pug’s safety.

And while many people believe that all dogs are natural swimmers, there are so many factors that determine whether a dog can swim or not.

The Ultimate Guide on How Long a Pug Holds Its Bladder

pug pee

If you’re a new pug owner, you want to know how long your pug can hold their pee.

This is to ensure that they don’t pee on everything when you’re at work, play, or for walks.

And although there isn’t a straightforward answer for this, we will try to give you an average of how long your pug can stay without peeing.

Why Do Pugs Snore & 7 Tricks to Stop It Instantly

why do pugs snore

If you’re a pug owner, you know they love to cuddle.

And with their cute little faces, you’ll want to snuggle with them all the time too.

Sadly, if you’re a light sleeper, you may have realized that they’re loud sleepers and you may find it hard to sleep with their noise.

Read on to understand why Pugs snoring and how to reduce the snoring.

Pug Behavior Problems and How to Fix


Pugs are well known for their cuddly temperaments, but just like any dog, Pugs might have behavioral challenges sometimes.

Pug behavior problems come in all shapes and sizes. Every Pug has a unique personality and experience. 

If you’re concerned about your Pug’s behavior or thinking about getting a Pug for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re going to talk in-depth about some classic Pug behavior problems, leaving no stone unturned.