Best Dog Beds for Pugs You’ll Love [2023 Review]

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best dog beds for pugs

I can’t speak for your pug, but Sid absolutely adores being as cozy as possible.

For a guy who sleeps as frequently as he does, it makes sense!

Buying the best dog beds for pugs doesn’t have to be a task.

I want to go over what to look for when you make your purchase.

Plus, I handpicked three great beds that will allow your pug to lounge in comfort.


Best Dog Bed for Pugs: Key Takeaways

  • Having a separate bed for your pug can lessen the chances of accidents or dander in your bed. It will also give them a place to nap during the day or while they are in their crate when you’re away.
  • Your pug’s bed can help support their hips, joints, and spine to reduce issues as they age.
  • The bed provides comfort, which can alleviate a lot of the anxiety that comes with being left alone.
  • Some beds for your pug will have removable, washable covers which you can maintain or replace as needed. This way, you can keep up with your pug’s regular hygiene.
  • Your pug will feel a sense of personal space, knowing the bed is only for them. Some bed types fit into crates or bed frames, while others stand alone.
  • In addition to buying a bed from a manufacturer, you can also get crafty and DIY!


Best Dog Beds for Pugs: Quick Picks

  1. Best Bolster Style Bed:Bark Box 2-in-1 Dog Cuddler Bed
  2. Best Flat Mattress:Furhaven Traditional Orthopedic Rectangular Mattress Dog Bed
  3. Best Elevated Dog Bed:K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot


Do Pugs Need a Dog Bed?

Having your pug sleep with you is likely welcomed if you’re anything like me.

However, making bed sharing an every night ordeal is a personal choice.

You may also be sensitive to dander, which your bedsheets will trap.

Even if you like to sleep with your pug at night, they will still need someplace comfy to snooze during the day.

You can even use a bed in a kennel to add extra comfort while you’re away.

1. Joint Support

As our beloved pug’s age, they can run into joint issues.

But having a proper bed that cradles their sensitive bodies can avoid these potential problems.

Rather than your pug sleeping on a hard surface, they can enjoy the comfort of a properly designed bed.

Dog beds offer different materials that cater to arthritis trouble, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, or degenerative myelopathy.

2. Personal Space

Our pugs definitely pick up on personal possession of toys and belongings.

Having a bed designated for only them will give them a sense of ownership.

They will welcome naps and bedtime, enjoying this bed as their territory.

Sid likes to take toys (or objects he shouldn’t have) to his bed for a chew session or snuggle time.

3. Separation Anxiety Relief

Sid cannot handle being too far away from his humans.

If your pug suffers from separation anxiety, creating a safe space for them with a cozy bed can reduce some of that tension or stress.

Tip: You can try spraying some diluted dog-friendly essential oils on the bed for a better calming effect.

Using scents such as lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, and sweet marjoram are excellent at alleviating panic attacks and anxiety.


Best Types of Dog Beds for Pugs

The type of dog bed you should buy will depend on the special needs of your pug.

There are other factors to consider with each type such as durability, comfort, ease of use, and low maintenance cleaning.

Here are some of the most common types of beds for your pug.

1. DIY Dog Beds

If you’re a crafty person, you could easily make a dog bed for your pug.

Depending on the material, it’s generally inexpensive and simple.

Plus, you have full control over just how you want the bed to look, feel, and function.

If you’re worried about sewing—don’t be! There are other options, like fabric glue, that you can use in place of stitches.

You can find supplies online or at a local craft shop. All you really need is a piece of foam, feather down, or traditional stuffing to put inside of the bed.

You can use whatever comfortable material you wish for the exterior.

This whole process can be as intricate or as simple as you wish.

You can find some really cute design ideas on Pinterest and other sites that repurpose old pallets or scrap wood.

All you have to do is add a mattress.

2. Bolster Beds

Bolster beds have pillow-like sides that provide an excellent spot for your pug to rest their head.

The design helps to keep their head elevated, which can also assist with proper breathing.

Some bolster style beds have the pillow casing all the way around the bed, which may not work for all pugs, such as seniors or puppies who struggle to get in bed.

But this is Sid’s favorite style!

Other bolster beds have a partial casing around three sides, or even just two.

Most bolster beds come with removable covers that you can wash for regular upkeep.

3. Flat Mattress

Flat mattresses are wonderful for providing an ultra-comfortable snoozing space.

You can throw them in a kennel, and they are typically perfectly sized to lay in a crate.

This type of dog bed is especially useful for senior pugs or puppies since it doesn’t require any climbing or situating to lay down.

It’s just a flat surface, usually made of memory, orthopedic, or gel foam.

Most flat mattresses have removable covers so you can wash them.

However, that isn’t always the case. If you want a lasting bed, it’s advisable to make sure the cover does slip off.

Otherwise, it can lead to build up and grime on the surface with no way to deep clean it.

These beds are lightweight and they don’t take up much room.

They can also serve as a mattress for a wooden or plastic raised dog bed frame.

4. Elevated Dog Beds

Do you have a pug who is a little hot potato? Elevated dog beds really help to cool things down.

Pugs are flat-faced, and all pugs except black pugs have double-coats.

They can overheat quite easily, and it can be really dangerous when they do.

Overheating can cause your pug a lot of unwanted symptoms like excessive panting, diarrhea, thick saliva—or even worse, shock, and potential death.

Elevated beds allow airflow to get beneath them while they rest to prevent any of those issues.

They are also an ideal option if you have a dog who loves chewing up their beds.

These designs have no stuffing or interior components to worry about. Only a small wipe down, as needed.

And most of them can come apart so you can wash the fabric in the washer.


How to Choose the Best Dog Beds for Pugs

The type of best that will suit your pug best will depend on their health, age, and personal preference.

There are factors you want to consider when it comes to the quality of the bed, too.

1. The Needs of Your Pug

Life stage and health are critical factors in finding the perfect bed.

If you have a puppy or senior pug who has trouble navigating, getting a simple bed with easy access is essential.

Also, if you have a pug with medical issues, you may want to consider getting a design that fully supports their body to prevent pain and support joints.

If you’re buying a bed to line their crate, ensuring you have the proper measurements is vital for a perfect fit.

2. Fabric Liner

Most bolster and flat mattress style beds have a fabric liner.

A lot of them zip or fasten around the internal mattress portion.

You can typically take off the cover for routine maintenance and cleaning, but not all beds have the option.

Veer away from beds that don’t have this option, as you won’t be able to clean the bed as efficiently, which leads to short-term use since you will need to replace it.

3. Mattress Material

There are several different mattress options.

Try to stay away from stuffing-filled beds if you can, as your pug can dismember and potentially eat the contents.

Instead, try to look for a mattress that has:

  • Memory foam
  • Orthopedic foam
  • Cooling gel foam

4. Function

Sid prefers to have bolster beds because they have a headrest, which is essentially built-in pillows for dogs.

Flat mattresses generally have no curvature and provide a level space.

Elevated beds form to the body of your pug, since they sink into the fabric.


Best Dog Beds for Pugs: Top Favorites

1. Best Bolster Style Bed: Bark Box 2-in-1 Dog Cuddler Bed

The Bark Box 2-in-1 Dog Cuddler Bed is the most comfortable bolster bed I could find.

It is incredibly well-made and easy to clean. If it were bigger, I would sleep in it myself!

It has a waterproof lining, and the cover is totally removable and machine washable—so it’s very convenient.

The mattress is a soft, pliable therapeutic memory foam gel, so it molds perfectly to your pug’s body.

It is ideal if you have a pug with hip or joint issues, arthritis, or physical disability.

It will be simple for them to relax in the design.

It also fits perfectly with Sid’s crate—but be sure to measure before purchase if this is your intent.

While the small will cup your little pug perfectly, you may want a bigger bed if you have multiple pugs or just want more room so they can stretch out.

The bed comes in a compact, vacuum-sealed package.

You have to open it up and then let it sit out for 72 hours to air up fully.

The initial set up may take a minute, but it’s well worth it.

Your pug is sure to enjoy!


  • Memory foam gel
  • Super soft bolsters
  • Ideal for joint issues
  • Waterproof, washable cover
  • Takes up to 72 hours to fully air up

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2. Best Flat Mattress: Furhaven Traditional Orthopedic Rectangular Mattress Dog Bed

If you prefer a flat mattress style dog bed, the Furhaven Traditional Orthopedic Rectangular Mattress Dog Bed is excellent.

It’s soft enough to support your pug’s joints without obstructing their path.

This is a really great value for the quality—plus you get a ton of design choices to match your décor.

The mattress has a zippable plush cover that you can take off at your leisure.

You can throw it in the wash anytime it gets a bit grimy.

You can also choose between orthopedic, memory, or cooling gel foam mattresses, depending on your pug’s preference.

Even though it is durable and will definitely hold up if you use it for the intended purpose, it isn’t indestructible.

If you have a pug who loves ripping things apart, it will be pretty easy to accomplish with this bed. So be aware of that if you have a heavy chewer.

The product comes with a 90-day worry-free guarantee that protects your purchase.

You won’t have to worry about receiving a defective product without the company making it right.


  • Many décor styles
  • Three mattress materials to choose from
  • Machine washable cover
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Not for heavy chewers

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3. Best Elevated Dog Bed: K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

The K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot is a great option to consider if you’re looking for an elevated bed.

It’s breathable, sturdy, and flexible. Even though this is sized perfectly for your pug, it can hold up to 200 pounds.

You won’t have to worry about legs collapsing, or the fabric not holding up.

It’s extremely easy to put together and it doesn’t require any fancy tool assembly.

You just snap the pieces in place, and you’re ready to go.

Each leg has a non-skid bottom to keep it from scooting across slick surfaces.

The 600-denier fabric is hard-wearing and waterproof.

The mesh center provides nice airflow so your pug can stay cool.

The cover is washable, so whenever it gets dirty, you can just disassemble and toss it in your washer.

Even though this isn’t a feasible option for your pug’s crate, it is ideal for a standalone component at the end of your bed or in the corner of a room.

There is a whole year warranty on this bed, so if It doesn’t hold up as it should, you can make it right.


  • Breathable design
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Strong, 600-denier fabric
  • Year warranty
  • Does not fit in the crate

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Even though Sid is partial to the Bark Box 2-in-1 Dog Cuddler Bed, all three dog beds for Pugs are unique in their own right.

Which one you choose will have a lot to do with your pug and what they require.

Allowing your pug to rest in comfort can contribute to their overall mental and physical health.

With any luck, your pug can lounge in the bed of their dreams soon.