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Once you meet a pug for the first time, that’s usually all it takes. You’ll never be the same. Whether you own one personally or you’re trying to get all the info you can get before purchase, you came to the right place to explore. 

Hey, I’m Blake—fellow pug owner and enthusiast. Our dedication is to give you only the best content to help you, entertain you, educate you, and inform you all about pugs. 

As you know, pugs have this unapologetic sense of self that butters you up right away. My love for pugs began when I was 12 years old. My best friend got a new puppy—a wrinkly little pug named Bosco. From the beginning, he was a little bundle of hilarious entertainment for us. 

Bosco lent years of memories, finally passing at the ripe old age of 15. He couldn’t see because of glaucoma. He had long since gone deaf. He napped more frequently than he ever did. But none of that ever took his spunk away. 

Single-handedly, he created a soft spot in my heart for pugs everywhere.

Meet Sid, My Box of Rocks

I had expectations for my pug-to-be. After all, I had spent a while contemplating what they would be like. Of course, Bosco was my main example, and I knew he was fantastic. I didn’t know when—I simply knew eventually—I would have one to call my own. 

As luck would have it, our pug owning days came sooner than we anticipated. An older woman that my partner knew had a yard full of pugs that her husband left upon his passing. That included a new litter of unexpected puppies. The poor woman was overwhelmed. 

Our beautiful rescue dog had died a few months before this, and we weren’t sure we were ready to welcome a new dog to the house. But seriously, how could you pass up this face?

It didn’t take long before an eight-week-old pug puppy sat between my partner, our four children, and myself. We each thought of a name to put it into a hat, and pulled out the winner—Sid. The cross-eyed sloth on Ice Age inspired the name, so I’m sure you can see how it relates.

While I knew the puppy stage would be hard, nothing quite prepared me for him. Difficult was an understatement. He was a total pain to potty train, he tore everything up, and worse—it seemed like he just wasn’t smart enough to catch on to any form of discipline we tried. (Poor guy!)

So, we did what we thought would help. We got Charley, our beautiful, intelligent German Shepherd to be his “motherly figure”. Within days, and I mean days, it was like Sid was a totally new dog. He went outside to potty, he behaved, and best of all—he had a new playmate to romp around with. 

All he needed was a smarter leader to help him since he’s not the brightest crayon in the box. These days, Sid is the best version of himself. He is loyal to a fault, super cuddly, extremely silly, and a joy to be around. With Sid and Charley’s dynamic, there is never a dull moment around my house. 

Sid recently found his new love—chickens. We call him our “chicken keeper.” He is always coming out to the coop to check on them and follow them around. They don’t seem to mind him, either. So, now he has a flock of friends to keep him busy.

Having Sid is a new adventure every day that comes with its extreme highs and not-so-highs. We wouldn’t trade him for the world. He has brought his own brand of individuality to our family, and we were lucky to know him.

Our Site is Here to Help!

Owning a dog is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling. Pugs pose their unique quirks and eccentricities, setting them apart from the rest. Our main goal is to give you resources to make your pug experience smooth sailing. 

Pugs are silly little chubby sacks of wrinkles with unparalleled personalities. Whether you are a novice owner or you have had years of skill, we offer a ton of information on a variety of pug-related topics. Our goal was to compile all the content we can into one place so you can get your answers fast. 

You can browse through and find things like:

  • Pug Puppy Care and Behavior
  • Senior Dog Care 
  • Pug Products and Reviews
  • DIY Projects for your Pug Pal
  • Training Tips and Tricks
  • Breed Education
  • Info for Potential Owners

We’ve done our best to create a substantial variety of topics so we can cover all bases for our readers. No matter what you are curious about, you can find related subjects here. If you have any suggestions or curiosities we don’t cover, let us know! We’re always looking to grow in our knowledge as well. 

Take Note: We Aren’t Veterinarians 

Our advice and information in no way are supposed to replace veterinary care. We aim to create awareness with potential issues with health, but not as a solution. If your pug is sick, injured, or otherwise in dire need, please take them to receive appropriate medical attention right away. 

We compile our information utilizing research and personal experience. While we try to be thorough, it’s best to leave your pug’s health in professional hands!

Spreading Pug Love

In short, our mission is to delve into all-things-pug! From their cute compact size to their adorably smooshed faces to their weird but wonderful characters—we want to expand on it all. 

All dog breeds have their own special something to bring to the table. Call us partial, but we think this breed is one of the most fantastic of all. We love catering to like-minded people who love pugs as much as we do.

Sid will be here, too, as I learn with you through trial and error, giggles and tears. Join us in learning, creating, laughing, and caring for these lovely creatures. It’s time to celebrate all aspects of sharing your life with a pug. We’re happy to have you on the ride. 

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