Can Pugs Eat Strawberries?

Strawberries are nature’s candy. Deliciously sweet. The perfect morsel. 

But can Pugs eat strawberries? 

That’s the question we’ll be asking today. They might be one of the most popular fruits for us humans, but can our gorgeous Pug indulge in this summer favorite alongside us? 

If you’ve been thinking of adding some new fruits to your Pug’s diet recently, then you’ve come to the right place. But first things first, let’s talk about all things strawbs!

Is My Pug Skinny? How To Tell If Your Pug Is Too Thin

Sid was small when he was a puppy. At that time, I was wondering, is my Pug skinny?

He loves to eat, the piggy way. But he is very thin, I can even see his ribs when he’s a puppy. I quickly understood Sid was underweight and did a lot of research.

Finally, Sid is at a healthy weight now. 

Of course, you need to visit a vet first, but here’s a guide to help you better understand your Skinny Pugs beforehand. I am going to share:

  • Why is my Pug so skinny
  • How to help a Pug gain weight
  • What’s the ideal Pug size and weight

Let’s go!

Pug Runny Nose: What are The Causes, What to Do and When to be Concerned 

pug runny nose

When you see your Pug have a runny nose, you might wonder what’s the issue. Infections, allergies and a variety of reasons can lead to Pug’s runny nose.

While most of the time, there are no big issues with your Pugs. 

Understanding the causes and when to be concerned about nasal discharge in Pugs will help you take better care of your furry friend.  

Let’s begin with …

Pug Night Vision: Can Pugs See in the Dark? 

Can Pugs see in the dark?

Yes! Unlike us humans, dogs’ eyes are well adapted to help them see in the dark. 

Everything from larger pupils to their unique tapetum (more on this later) means that the physical structure of the Pug eye makes them much better adapted to seeing in the dark than us mere humans. 

Today we will discuss how our Pugs see in the dark and the best way to make your Pug feel comfortable and safe during the darker hours. 

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