Why Do People Like Pugs? So, So Much?

For Pug lovers this is an obvious one. Pugs are perfect, right?

If you’re new to the world of Pugs and wondering what all the fuss is about, this article is for you.

We’re going to talk about the Pug’s very best features. Pug lovers love hard. But why do people like Pugs so much?

Why Do People Like Pugs So Much?

Pug lovers would say that these dogs have a bit of magic about them. Pugs aren’t like other dogs. Their tremendous loyalty and capacity for love make them more of the best friends.

Pugs rank 31st in the latest American Kennel Club (AKC) dog popularity leaderboard and are the 5th most popular small dog breed globally. And it’s no surprise.

Pugs have many wonderful features that make them totally loveable pets. They are utterly entertaining, mega loyal, and kid-friendly all in one.

Plus they come all wrapped up in the most adorable big-eyed, wrinkly-faced package.

Convinced yet?

What Kind of People Love Pugs?

You won’t find out if you’re a Pug person just by checking items off a list – but it’s a good place to start. If you’re new to the world of Pugs, I want to let you into a secret.

You’ll know if you’re a Pug person as soon as you set eyes on your first Pug.

Those big eyes, curly tails, and quirky traits should leave you thinking ‘oh my gosh that’s so cute I can’t even handle it’.

But Pug people do have some things in common. In general Pug lovers enjoy some specific things about pet ownership that make Pugs their ideal companions.

For example:

  • Pug owners like being needed
  • Pug owners like things quirky
  • Pug owners are as loyal as their Pugs
  • Pug owners have a sense of humor
  • Pug owners are pretty laid back

This is no hard and fast rule. In fact, Pugs make great companions for all sorts of people from children to city singles to the elderly.

Research has also shown that Pugs make wonderful therapy dogs for individuals suffering from mental illnesses like depression.

What Do People Love Most About Pugs?

Pugs are a bonafide library of cute quirks and hilarious moments. Most of all they’re hands-down companion dogs at heart, making them the perfect companion to snuggle with on the sofa.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons people find Pugs so irresistible.

1. Pugs are loyal & affectionate

Pugs love their owners. Unconditionally.

Your Pug will be a contrast companion and want to follow you and cuddle you at every opportunity.

They’ll sit with you on the couch as you watch TV and even sleep with you (if you let them).

2. Pugs have ‘hella cute faces

Pug faces are the best thing on the planet. They’re just SO adorable.

How could you not like those squishy faces, bulging eyes, and hilarious expressions? Need I go on?

3. And fantastic fat rolls

If that gorgeous face wasn’t enough, Pugs are covered head to toe in the cutest fat rolls you’ve ever seen.

4. And the cutest tails

Aren’t those curly-whirly tails just to die for?

5. Pugs sound seriously strange but cute

Pugs make some very odd noises – which more often than not is pure entertainment.

They snort, they yawn, they snore, and more. Who knows what operatic prowess your Pug will come out with.

Top-tip: as cute as Pug snorting is, remember this is the result of brachycephaly. If you think your Pug is in any respiratory discomfort seek the advice of your vet.

6. Pugs are best friend material

Pugs are kind, gentle, friendly dogs. Not only are they great companions but they’re also super around kids and elderly people.

They’ll play, cuddle, and show you tonnes of affection. Plus Pugs rarely bite making them a super safe family pet.

7. They’re good listeners too

What’s the best quality in a friend? That they’re a good listener, right? Well, Pugs have this quality in bucketloads.

Ever noticed that intent look in a Pug’s eyes as their owner talks to them or the cocked head of intent listening?

Although it’s safe to say your Pug doesn’t actually understand anything you’re saying, at least they try. A Pug is a perfect confidant.

Check out this seriously cute Pug puppy listening to its owners. I could swear that he or she is listening. What do you think?

8. Pugs are sooooooo funny

Is that enough o’s? Pugs aren’t just occasional jesters like some other dogs. They are committed to clowning 24/7.

These dogs are the class clowns and bound to put a smile on your face every day. You’ll just love getting to know their unique quirks.

Funny things that Pug owners report their Pug’s doing include:

  • Falling asleep anywhere and everywhere
  • Sleeping in super weird positions
  • Tanning in the sun (yes Pugs are sun worshippers)
  • Snoring (a lot)
  • Chasing their own tails
  • Sitting down on their butts (like a person)

Ugh why didn’t I sniff that girl pug’s butt at the dog park this time? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Image from bahumbug.tumblr.com

What’s Not to Love?

Why do people like Pugs? For all the reasons listed above and many, many more. 

Pugs are unique, joyful animals with so much love to give. 

They’re funny, loyal, and abounding in cuteness. 

What’s not to love?

Image from nationalpurebreeddogday.com

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