5 Best Pug Coats & Jackets to Keep Them Warm in Winter

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Since your little pug walks around with a furry coat of their own, you may not even consider buying one. But just like us, our little guys get cold!

My pug Sid hates the winter. Getting him his own coat helped eliminate accidents in the house, kept him warm and cozy, and helped him relax on walks.

I bet your pugs want to be snug as a bug in a rug, too.

So fellow pugskateers, I rounded up the best winter coats & jackets for pugs I could find.

Pug Coat & Jacket: Key Takeaways

  • Winter can be a challenging season for pugs, their paws might get hurt by the ice melt.
  • To keep your pugs shielded and comfortable while they are playing outdoors or during daily walks, a warm or water-resistant dog coat is a winter essential.
  • Most dog winter coats have a water-resistant shell feature, but if that feature is not as vital to you as warmth and breath, then a standard fleece-style jacket works better.
  • Pugs overheat far faster and easier than they freeze. Never make the mistake of putting clothes on your pug in warm weather.
  • The biggest problem with most winter dog coats happens to be sizing. Check your Pug’s measurements a couple of times against the product’s sizing chart to be completely sure.

Best Winter Pug Coats & Jackets: Quick Picks

Here’s a sneak peek roundup of my favorites and what their best qualities are:

Do Pugs Even Need Coats or Jackets?

The climate where you live is a huge determining factor for whether your pug will need a coat.

Even if you live somewhere that gets a little nippy during the winter months, adding an extra layer on your pug is never a bad idea.

Pugs are brachycephalic, which means they have short snouts.

Their structure makes them especially susceptible to respiratory illness and breathing trouble.

Being in any kind of extreme weather puts them at a greater risk for potentially life-threatening issues.

So, to be blunt, it’s just best to be on the safe side.

But when to get a coat for your Pugs?

You may want to invest if you notice your pug shivering while going out to potty or for a walk.

Sid absolutely loves when my kids dress him up. He enjoys wearing his very own jacket. And I’m sure he appreciates being warm when he visits the blustery outdoors.

What to Look for When Finding Pug Coats & Jackets

Your aim is to keep your pug at a comfy temperature, without being too hot or cold.

Let’s break it down what to look for in a dog coat or jacket.

  • Material

The material of your pug’s coat will be a big factor during purchase. Waterproof fabric works great for snow and raining days.

If you live where winds will chill you to the bone, having a wind-resistant material would be paramount.

  • Size

Incorrect size is single-handedly one of the most common mistakes that lead to returns or exchanges.

Each manufacturer will have their own sizing chart, which will vary depending on the company.

So, don’t assume each chart is the same.

If you “eye-ball it” and order on a gamble, it can absolutely lead to a purchase failure as well..

Be sure to check reviews from other buyers to see if the item runs large, small, or true-to-size.

  • Price

In the world of dog accessories, it’s all about how much you want to pay. You can find durable, stylish coats at affordable prices.

Or maybe you want to pay for something you know is quality, knowing it will eventually pay for itself. Your budget alone can narrow the search.

  • Thickness

Owners who live in climates that stay above freezing will only need a single layer jacket, such as fleece.

If you live in windy plains, make sure that the jacket or coat is wind-resistant to avoid chill.

In extreme winters, having a well-insulated multi-layer coat will give a solid layer of protection for your pug.

If you experience a lot of snow or freezing rain, be sure that the coat you choose is waterproof as well as the appropriate thickness.

Here in Ohio, we get some pretty chilly winters, so I have a heavier coat for Sid.

But since we are all over the place, I also like to have a lighter waterproof jacket on hand, just in case he needs it.

  • Style

You want to have a great style, both cosmetically and functionally. You naturally want your little guy or gal to look cute as a button.

But you’ll really want to buy what serves the intended purpose, too.

Looking cute doesn’t mean much if your pug is still freezing.

If you’re going after looks, make sure it has more substance than just vanity.

How Do You Measure a Pug for a Coat

1. Gather your measuring gear:

  • a measuring tape (to do the measuring)
  • a brush (to ensure your pug’s fur is flat),
  • a notebook and pen (to note down the measurements for use soon)

2. Prepare your pug!

Remove the collar from your pug so it would not get in the way of your measurements, and then make sure your pug is standing comfortably.

To aid in measures, make sure you and your pug are on the same eye level.

3. Measure, measure, measure!

Make the measurements of your pug carefully, noting the measurements in inches:

  • Wrap the tape gently around your pug’s neck, to assess its width.
  • Next, calculate the girth of your pug, by measuring the widest part of its chest (below the forelegs) and then add two inches to your findings. This is to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Measure the back from the center of the neck to the start of the tail, and then add two inches.

(Sid is a very wiggly model) But that is really all you need to get started! Let your search for the best coat begin.

Our 5 Best Coats & Jacket For Pugs: Product Review

Here, I will give you all the information about these adorable coats: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With luck, you’ll have the best pug coat for your little one in your shopping cart one you finish up the article.

1. JoyDaog 2-Layers Fleece Lined Jacket—Our Favorite

The JoyDaog 2-Layers Fleece Lined Jacket is my favorite. First of all, it looked super cute on Sid, which is always a perk.

Since it’s a double-lined, it’s ideal for both mild and frigid temperatures.

The design is windproof, made of soft polyester outside and plush fleece inside.

While it looks like a button-up, it has metal button snaps. That’s perfect for your pug, so you can get it off quickly.

There’s a hole at the top for a leash attachment. Elastic lines the edges to keep it snug to your pug’s body, reducing wind or chill.

There are several adorable colors to choose from, so you can pick the best look for your pug.

You can’t get much better. It’s fashionable, durable, cozy, and washable.

The sizing chart is a wee bit off, so just make sure not to order too small when you measure.


  • Stylish
  • Well-made
  • Comfortable
    • Sizing may be a hair off

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2.Namsan Pet Hooded Sweatshirt—Best for Light Weather

If you’re looking for a lighter selection for milder weather, the Namsan Pet Hooded Sweatshirt is utterly adorable and efficient.

The hooded design fits gently over their head, protecting their ears from heavy wind.

The adjustable strap can fit snugly around, so the hood doesn’t blow off.

An excellent positive is that your pug can wear it indoors as well as outdoors.

If they love something comfy for lounging around like Sid dos, they’ll enjoy this. It’s 100% cotton, so you can either hand wash or throw it in the washing machine.

It buttons up down the belly so you can easily put it on and take it off.

While it is a perfectly delightful little layer of warmth, it isn’t for the harsher winter months.


  • Adorable design
  • Adjustable hood
  • Machine washable
  • Indoor/Outdoor
    • Not for freezing temperatures

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3.Lovelonglong Waterproof Jacket—Best for Multi-Purpose Wear

If you would like protection for your pug from several weather elements, this functional Lovelonglong Waterproof Jacket could be just what you’re looking for.

It is a premium composite fabric jumpsuit that leaves spaces for bathroom use.

The neck, leg, and chest portions are fully adjustable.

After making it a snug fit, it protects the neck and extremities from precipitation, high wind, and cold.

It has reflective strips and zippers for optimal visibility.

There are two durable buckles to secure the jacket in place.

Because of the design being such a full body cover, I highly advise you to measure precisely.

If the suit is too big, it could cause the jacket to interfere with potty time.


  • Jumpsuit style
  • For wind, rain, and snow
  • Fully adjustable
  • Reflective & extra-reinforced
    • Ordering too large can conflict with bathroom use

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4. DOGGYZSTYLE Winter Dog Hoodie Coat—Most Stylish

This plush, modern-looking DOGGYZSTYLE Winter Dog Hoodie Coat is extra-warm, extra-cute, and extra-durable.

When it comes to harsh temperatures, you won’t have to worry about your pug rocking this coat.

The hood is optional, so you can protect their sensitive ears from the cold.

The company offers several color schemes so you can pick your pets best look.

The exterior is high-quality waterproof fabric with generously portioned cotton stuffing to line the interior.

The surface is very easy to wipe off if it gets a little dingy.

Despite its thickness, it’s lightweight so your pug won’t be weighed down.

I noticed that it runs a bit small, so if you’re teetering between sizes—get the bigger one.


  • Waterproof
  • Snazzy
  • Generously padded for optimal warmth
  • Lightweight
    • Runs small

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

5. AOFITEE Reversible Dog Coat—Best Reversible Pug Coat

The AOFITEE Reversible Dog Coat has an attractive velveteen buffalo check pattern on one side and a waterproof polyester on the other.

You can rotate sides according to the weather. It is not bulky or thick but provides a solid layer of warmth for your dog.

Magic tape connects the front and belly portion effortlessly to keep the coat on the body.

The overall stitching seems to be tight and secure. There’s a hole for a leash attachment and a back pocket for treats on the go.

This coat seems to run small despite the sizing chart. Be sure to order a size that will give your pug a little wiggle room.


  • Easy to put on
  • Reversible
  • Hole for leash attachment
  • Tough threading
    • Runs smaller than chart shows
    • Not as thick as it appears in photos

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1.At What Temperature Should Pugs Wear Coats?

You can put a jacket on your pug if the weather drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, heavier coats are ideal for temperatures below freezing, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and under.

A telltale sign that your pug is too cold is a visible cue like shaking or whining in discomfort. So, be sure to dress them properly.

2.How Do I Keep My Dog Warm in the Winter?

There are plenty of ways to make sure your pug is warm in the winter.

  • Always make sure they are toasty indoors as much as possible.
  • If they must stay outside, which is not recommended for the breed, be sure they have a well-heated box or enclosed area that retains temperature.
  • The limbs and face are susceptible to frostbite, just like humans.If you live in sub-zero temperatures, make sure the face and paws are well-protected.
  • Try to keep walks and outdoor trips as short as you can, especially when it drops below freezing.
  • Listen to their body language. If they’re acting miserable, shivering, or whining, take them in immediately.

Pugs are highly affected by extremely hot or cold temperatures due to respiratory issues. Time spent outdoors in winter weather should not exceed 20 minutes if you can help it.


Keeping your little guy snazzy, cozy, and comfortable even in frosty months shouldn’t have to be hard.

Getting that added layer of protection can keep your pug healthy, happy, and safe. It could even potentially save on vet bills.

I’d say those selections were pretty versatile and pug-friendly. While Sid and my favorite was the JoyDaog 2-Layers Fleece Lined Jacket for its style, durability, and comfort—maybe another caught your eye.

Either way, hopefully the best coat or jacket for your pug was on this list!