Are Pugs Aggressive? Signs, Causes, How To Stop?

When we think of Pugs, we tend to think of a dog that is docile, loving, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s easy to answer the question ‘are Pugs aggressive?’ with an assertive no.

Why Do Pugs Lick So Much? How To Stop Pug Licking?

why do pugs lick so much

As Pug lovers, have your Pugs lick your face? Do you see them licking the air?

They are so cute, but ‘why do Pugs lick so much?’.

If your Pug’s licking habits have become a cause for concern (or you’re just a bit curious), what should you do?

Do Pugs Bark A Lot? Stop Excessive Barking

You might be worried about Pug barking when you consider getting a Pug. Perhaps you have a child at home, close neighbors, or a pooch that just won’t zip it. In this article, I’ll discover do Pugs bark

Pugs Training: How To Train Your Puppy [Tips Included]

How To Train Your Pugs

When you get your pug puppy, all the feel-good feelings are probably all you could focus on at first. But once you both get into the swing of things, it’s time for training to start.

After all, you want your pug to have good manners—and you won’t want to clean up pee puddles forever.

Training your pug is unique since they’re unlike any other breed. Let’s learn just what works for pugs to make this process as painless for you both as possible.