Can Pugs Be Left Alone? (A Guilt-Free Guide)

People often ask us: can Pugs be left alone?

That’s a great question.

With our busy schedules, it’s inevitable that our pets will be alone sometimes.

But it can be hard to know when time alone becomes too much. Sid loves to be around me all the time, luckily Charley could be a perfect companion when we are not alongside.

Why Do Pugs Scream? What Can You Do?

Why Do Pugs Scream

Does your Pug yelp to the heavens? Does it sound like a death-curdling scream?

Often find yourself wondering why, oh why do Pugs scream like that?

If your pet Pug is a screamer, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Pugs are known as quiet docile dogs, but from time to time, they make some very bizarre noises indeed.

Are Pugs Aggressive? Signs, Causes, How To Stop?

When we think of Pugs, we tend to think of a dog that is docile, loving, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s easy to answer the question ‘are Pugs aggressive?’ with an assertive no.

Why Do Pugs Lick So Much? How To Stop Pug Licking?

why do pugs lick so much

As Pug lovers, have your Pugs lick your face? Do you see them licking the air?

They are so cute, but ‘why do Pugs lick so much?’.

If your Pug’s licking habits have become a cause for concern (or you’re just a bit curious), what should you do?

Do Pugs Bark A Lot? Stop Excessive Barking

You might be worried about Pug barking when you consider getting a Pug. Perhaps you have a child at home, close neighbors, or a pooch that just won’t zip it. In this article, I’ll discover do Pugs bark