Why Do Pugs Pee Upside Down? How To Stop It?

Doggie peeing positions are the mystery that just keeps on giving. Across pet forums far and wide, Pug owners remain perplexed by their dog’s creative tinkling methods.

But why is this?

Why do some Pugs pee upside down?

Whether you’ve got yourself a Pug peeing on two legs, upside down, or in some other weird or wacky contortion, this article is for you.

Before we get started, why not check out the evidence for yourself. The Pug in this video is quite literally peeing in a walking handstand position. Impressive, bizarre, call it what you will. Pugs simply do the strangest things.

Why do Pugs Pee Upside Down

We’ve witnessed the evidence before our very own eyes. Some Pugs pee upside down.

But why?

Experts believe that this behavior is a way to increase their territorial marking.

Dogs are very territorial animals. You may have already noticed your Pug peeing on walls, plants, and various areas around your garden or whilst on walks.

This is called urine marking.

This natural and instinctive canine behavior is how dogs claim their territory. Most often your dog will mark their territory when they are sexually active. You can think of it as a secret message to other dogs asserting dominance and letting them know ‘this spot belongs to me!

When Pugs pee upside down in a handstand walking motion, chances are they’re not just relieving a full bladder. Your Pug is trying to increase the range of their territorial marking.

If you really think about it, it’s quite an effective method if your plan is to spread your scent as far and wide as possible.

There are various reasons why your Pug might choose this method to mark their territory. For example, your Pug might be trying to appear larger than they actually are.

Top Reasons Why Your Pug is Peeing on Two Legs

1. To appear bigger

By catapulting their pee up a tree or over a long distance, other dogs might think that they are bigger, stronger, or more dominant than a teeny, tiny Pug.

2. To reach a specific spot

Sometimes dogs like to pee where previous canines have already left their scent. If that dog was bigger than your Pug, then chances are their scent is residing somewhere a little higher up than your Pug can reach in their standard peeing position.

By peeing on two legs, or upside down, your Pug is trying to assert dominance over this other dog. A golden retriever might only have had to lift a leg, but your Pug will have to go to extreme lengths to hit that spot.

How to Stop Pugs From Peeing Upside Down

If you’ve found yourself with a Pug that likes to pee upside down, there are steps you can take to get them to stop.

As funny as it might be at first, the laughter often stops when your Pug starts missing their target (especially if they start peeing on your furniture or favorite garden plants).

Here are some tips to keep your Pug peeing…sensibly.

1. Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement works with a treat for Pugs. Every time your Pug pees in the right place, in the right position, make sure to shower them with praise.

Set your Pug up with a good routine in which they poop and pee outside at regular intervals.

As soon as you start noticing your Pug lifting its leg onto something other than their pee spot, redirect them immediately.

2. Anti-marking sprays

We’ve already established that the reason Pugs pee in such acrobatic ways is because they’re trying to mark their territory.

Anti marking sprays are a great way to get your Pug to stop doing this. Apply anti-marking sprays in those places that your Pug tends to gravitate to.

3. Consider neutering your dog

Neutering your dog is a highly effective way to reduce their territorial marking habits. Remember, many dogs ‘mark’ with urine when they are sexually active.

Male dogs will mark even more when they are looking for female dogs in heat. By neutering your Pug, you’ll be able to moderate this, and other, behavioral issues.

4. Housebreaking training

Of course, one of the best ways to make sure that your Pug pees appropriately is to train them when they are still young.

Try to condition your Pug to poop and pee in a specific area of your yard.

When your Pug poops and pees in that area, it will take on their scent and they will be more inclined to return there to do their business every time.

Pug Peeing on Two Legs| The Mystery Debunked

If you notice your Pug peeing upside down on two legs, there’s nothing to worry about.

It may look funny, but it’s actually a natural and instinctive behavior.

Our advice? Keep your distance to avoid any showers of an unwelcome nature!