How To Trim Pugs Nails (Complete Guide With Pro Tips)

Pugs do not like having their nails trimmed.

I’m sorry to tell you but trimming your Pug’s nails (especially first time round) is likely to be challenging.

If you are trimming your Pug’s nails at home, be prepared for scratching, squealing, and a whole lot of canine complaining.

Do you need to trim Pug’s nails? How to cut Pug nails?

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Why Do I Need to Cut My Pug’s Nails?

Cutting your Pug’s nails isn’t just about aesthetics. Nail trimming is an essential part of grooming and super important for maintaining your Pug’s health, comfort, and mobility.

When a Pug’s nails are allowed to grow too long, there can be some pretty unpleasant consequences. It could even leave your pet in pain. And nobody wants that.

So why exactly should we be trimming our Pug’s nails?

1. To prevent injury

Long nails increase your Pug’s risk of injury. Long nails can get caught on rough surfaces causing bleeding, breakage, uprooted nails, or in more severe cases, a twisted toe.

A twisted toe can lead to further injury and skeletal abnormalities in the long run.

2. To maintain good hygiene

Trimming your Pugs’ nails is part and parcel of good hygiene.

Long toenails are breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria. That’s not good for your Pug or the other people and animals spending time with them.

Getting scratched by a dirty nail could result in infection.

3. For better mobility

Regular nail trimming is important for maintaining your pet’s mobility.

When a Pug’s nails are allowed to grow too long then it actually impacts its navigation. Pugs rely on the nerves in their paw pads to understand their environment.

Long nails can impede this ability.

4. To prevent ingrown nails

Walking on hard surfaces with untrimmed nails can be painful for your Pug. It exerts pressure on their toes.

If your Pug’s nails become overgrown it could cause sore paws and ingrown nails. This is not only painful but can eventually lead to arthritis and mobility issues.


What Is The Quick?

Your Pug’s nails contain a blood vessel. This is called the quick. On lighter-colored dogs, you’ll actually be able to see the quick beneath the nail. It looks like a pink line in the center of the nail.

It’s important to look out for the quick when trimming your Pug’s nails. If you cut too far up the nail, you risk catching the quick causing bleeding.

With black Pugs, the quick is harder to see. You’ll need to assess the underside of your Pug’s nail. You should notice a black spot in the middle of the nail. This is the quick.

You’ll want to proceed with caution, trimming around this area but not getting too close.


How Often Should I Trim My Pug’s Nails?

Pugs’ toenails grow fast. In fact, it might seem like your Pug’s nails are growing faster than other dogs.

And, in a way, they are.

Pugs are quite sedentary compared to other breeds. Because they don’t get as much physical activity, their nails aren’t filed down naturally.

A dog that spends hours a day walking and playing will file their nails down in the process. Because of this, Pug owners should aim to trim every two to three weeks.

It’s important that we don’t let our Pugs’ nails grow too long. When nails are left to grow out for a long time, they can become painful for your Pug. They will be more resistant to letting you near their paws.

Plus, you’ll be more likely to cut the quick resulting in persistent bleeding.

If you’re unsure whether your Pug’s nails need a trim or not, look out for two signs:

  1. You can hear their nails clicking when they walk
  2. Their nails touch the ground


How To Cut Your Pug’s Nails

Cutting your Pug’s toenails can be a little challenging. Most Pugs do not enjoy the process.

You’ll need a lot of patience, praise, and a few treats along the way certainly won’t go amiss.

Try to make the process as fun as possible for your Pug. If they associate trimming with praise, treats, and love then with time it should get a little bit easier.

1. What do I need?

Before getting started make sure you’ve got the basics. To trim your Pug’s nails you’ll need:

2. Step by step guide

It’s time to trim. It’s important to remain calm and proceed with caution. It’s normal if your Pug is a bit resistant. They may even squeal or try to wriggle free, but it’s important not to panic as this will only agitate your Pug even more.

Step 1: Location

Find a quiet spot in a well-lit room and make sure there aren’t any distractions.

Step 2: Check

Examine the quick. Mark the nail under the quick so you know where to stop trimming.

Step 3: Towel

Some owners like to put a towel over their Pugs’ paws. This can help keep your Pug calm as they won’t be able to see what’s going on.

Step 4: Position

Position your Pug’s paw securely in your hand and gently separate the toes with your fingers. Hold the clippers parallel to the nail.

Step 5: Trim

It’s time to trim. Only ever trim one nail at a time. Cut off very small portions at a time, minding the quick.

Remember each nail will be different in length so the quick won’t be in exactly the same place on each nail.

Step 6: File

As you get closer to the quick, stop trimming and use a nail file to finish off each nail to the desired length. This will reduce the chance of causing any bleeding.

Step 7: Check for bleeding

Check each nail to make sure there isn’t any bleeding. If you do accidentally cut the quick you will want to stop the bleeding.

To do this you can use styptic powder or cornstarch. Use a cotton wool ball and apply pressure until the bleeding stops.

Step 8: Treat

Finally, give your Pug a reward and a cuddle. It’s important to make your Pug feel safe and loved. With time your pet will get used to the procedure and it will become much easier.

3. What If My Pug is Uncooperative?

There aren’t many Pugs who actively enjoy having their nails trimmed. Some resistance is completely normal. But Pugs are individuals and, as such, some will put up more of a fuss than others.

If you’re struggling to keep your Pug still for nail trimming why not try the Burrito method?

What do I need?

Step by step guide:

  1. Take a canine towel, and have your Pugs sleep on in it.
  2. Tuck their front paws
  3. Swaddle your Pug like a baby and snug like a burrito
  4. Start trimming front paws with a nail grinder
  5. Have their back paws out
  6. Start working on their back paws

The burrito method is used by lots of vets and groomers and it works perfectly on any small dog. The towel keeps them contained and calm whilst you trim those nails.

Last but not least, remember to trim those scraggly hairs on the back of your Pug’s feet!


Time To Trim Your Pugs

You’re ready to trim.

Hopefully, after reading this you’ll more confident about trimming your Pug’s nails.

Remember, some resistance is to be expected, but by remaining calm and staying patient, you and your pet will come out of this just fine!

For some extra tips and tricks check out this helpful video:

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