Pugs Wrinkles Infection: What To Do and How To Prevent It

If you’re anything like me, you fell in love with your Pug’s wrinkles the moment you set eyes on them as a pup. 

But as cute as those wrinkles and lines are, they also need special care. Our Pugs’ skin folds are vulnerable to infection. 

But don’t worry, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about preventing and treating your Pug’s wrinkles infection. 

Pug Wrinkles Infections: Why Does it Happen?

The main reason why Pugs develop wrinkle infections is as a result of contact with dirt and debris. Because Pugs are so short, their facial and body wrinkles are regularly brushing up against all sorts of things in their environment. 

Whether they are guzzling down food from their favorite bowl or rustling around the yard, all of that bacteria is coming into contact with their skin.

Other larger breeds, and those with longer snouts, have a bit more protection against this but Pugs are prone to getting all of this debris and bacteria trapped in their wrinkles.

If bacteria are allowed to build up and multiple, they are more likely to develop an infection. 

Signs of Pug Wrinkles infection

To figure out if your Pug is infected, pay attention to these signs: 

  • Strange odor – many Pug parents report a musty smell. 
  • Itching & irritation – your Pug might start to rub its face excessively. 
  • Discharge/ pus – pus and discharge are a sign of later-stage infection. 
  • Inflammation – your Pug’s wrinkles will appear visible red or inflamed. 
  • Pain & discomfort – your Pug might find your regular wrinkle cleaning routine painful. 

Remember, every Pug’s wrinkles are totally unique so signs of infection will present differently.

If you think that your Pug is developing an infection then contact your vet.

They will prescribe some preventative treatments to keep your pup comfortable and stave off further infection. 

How Do You Treat Pug Wrinkles Infection at Home

Oftentimes a mild wrinkle infection can be treated from the comfort of your own home. Treating wrinkle infections involves carefully cleaning the affected area. Keeping up a regular wrinkle cleaning routine is also advised as a way to prevent further infection. 

Clean Your Pugs’ Wrinkles

The number one way to stave off wrinkle infections is with regular cleaning. Ideally, a Pug’s wrinkles should be cleaned and dried daily. Try to make regular wrinkle wipe-downs part of your everyday pet care routine. 

By keeping wrinkles clean and dry you’ll stop bacteria from accumulating in between folds and remove any dirt, debris, or excess moisture that has accumulated there. Aim to clean those folds after each meal.   

After clearing, it’s super important to dry the area. This is because bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments. A great way to do this is to use an antiseptic drying powder. These powders remove moisture and reduce bacterial buildup at the same time. 

Check our step by step guide that shows you how to clean Pug wrinkles, or get some inspiration from this video:

Keep Your Pugs in Healthy Weight

If your Pug is prone to developing wrinkle infections then it might be helpful to check their weight. This isn’t something most people associate with infection risk, but weight control is a really effective way to prevent future infections. 

If your Pug is overweight, their wrinkles and folds will be more pronounced and more likely to rub against potential contaminants throughout the day. Helping your Pug lose a few pounds is a great place to start. 

Use Antibiotics and Antifungal Agents

Mild and early-stage infections can be treated at home. Proper cleaning with antifungal/ antibacterial wipes should keep infection at bay. 

Aim to wipe 2-3 times per day, you will find the infection clear up in three days or no more than one week or so.

If the home remedies didn’t help, don’t hesitate to visit your vet immediately.

How to treat Chronic wrinkle infection in Pugs

For Pugs suffering from severe or chronic wrinkle infections then surgery is highly recommended and the best course of action. 

In most cases, surgery will involve the removal of any abnormal skin folds. Once these problem folds have been removed the risk of future infection will drop dramatically and, oftentimes, this surgery will completely cure the animal of their chronic infection.

Is treatment for winkle infections expensive? 

Getting your Pug’s wrinkle infection treated by a veterinarian is recommended. Especially if your Pug is suffering from chronic or very severe infection. The cost of veterinary treatment will vary from practice to practice. 

In general, topical treatments range between $30 and $50 dollars. In cases where surgical treatment is required, the price will be higher and typically in the range of $500 to $2500. This is the best course of action as surgical treatment offers a more permanent cure and will prevent any unwanted trips to the vet in the future. 

No More Pug wrinkles infection

Wrinkles infection in Pugs is a real nuisance, but luckily it usually improves with proper treatment and care. 

The most important thing is to make regular cleaning and keep Pugs’ wrinkles dry, keep the regular cleaning as part of your daily pet care routine. 

This is the best way to prevent those nasty Pugs’ wrinkles infection.