List of Pug Breeders in England (ME/NH/CT) You Can Trust

Want to look for a Pug puppy for sale in New England? You’ve come to the right place.

Choosing the right Pug breeders in New England can be a daunting prospect – especially for first-time Pug owners.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide all about the best Pug breeders in New England.

Let’s start with a list of Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut Pug breeders.

List of Pug Breeders in England (ME/NH/CT) You Can Trust

Top Pug Breeders in ME

1. Rainbow Pugs    

Rainbow Pugs in Maine is run by Susan Bizier. If you’re interested in purchasing a Pug puppy from Rainbow Pugs then you can call up to be put on a waiting list. You will be notified when litters are due and then you will be able to notify Susan of your puppy sex and color preference.

All Rainbow Pug pups come with a one-year health guarantee as mandatory by the State of Maine. At Rainbow Pugs, each and every Pug is part of the family and lives in the home at all times.

Puppies are delivered and raised in the family living room and enjoy plenty of socialization. AKC registered pups and pedigrees are also available on request.

2. KayJo Pugs  

KayJo Pugs are Pug breeders in Buckfield Maine. This is a home breeding program run out of the family home in Buckfield. KayJo Pugs currently have seven Pugs – three girls and two boys. If you’re not planning to use your pup for breeding you will be required to sign a spay-neuter contract.

KayJo Pugs will help you look through your puppy contract to make sure that everything is understood before parting with their pups.

KayJo is super careful with their Pug puppies and never knowingly sells to pet stores or puppy mills. All new buyers are thoroughly screened to make sure each Pup goes to a loving home. All Pug pups are from RFK or AKC registered parents.

Top Pug Breeders in NH

1. Felzar French Bulldogs and Pugs

Felzar French Bulldogs and Pugs breed in the NH and NE areas. They have many platforms that you can check out online, including a blog where you can keep up to date with all the puppy news and new arrivals.

Felzar is very passionate about their dogs and put a lot of research into their breeding program. Felzar’s French Bulldogs and Pugs are the results of a decade of study and practice. They have now bred multiple generations, meaning that they know the entire history of each and every dog in the breeding program.

All Felzar Pugs are AKC registered and sold on limited registration. When it comes to taking your Felzar puppy home, they will come ready with one DHPP vaccination, a recent health examination from a licensed veterinarian, deworming, microchipping, and a negative stool sample.

You will also be given copies of parental health testing, a pedigree of your new puppy, and a health guarantee which includes the agreement to spay or neuter your pet along with care instructions for your new puppy.

And that’s not all! You’ll even receive your very own puppy pack to get you started with your new arrival. Each pack includes a harness or collar, leash, your puppy’s current foot, and a blanket that smells like their litter to aid the transition to a new home.

We recommend paying Felzar a visit. These breeders welcome visitors when they have puppies available. Once the puppies are between five and six weeks, you will be able to visit the pups in the breeder’s home.

2. Pugs on the Hillside of New Hampshire (formerly Pugs on the Cape)

Pugs on the Cape have relocated to New Hampshire. These former Cape Cod Pug breeders have packed up and set up a new breeding program in Freedom New Hampshire.

This is a family of passionate Pug breeders who breed quality, well-cared-for AKC registered Pug puppies.

Each and every pup is raised lovingly in the home by the whole family with an unmatched commitment to quality care. Here you’ll find gorgeous Pug puppies raised in a healthy, quiet, clean, and loving environment.

Pugs on the Hillside feed their dogs with high-quality, natural foods and the family shares a commitment to the betterment of the Pug breed in terms of health and well-being.

All of the family dogs enjoy a large yard to play in and a daily walk. Because health always comes first, right?

3. Your Perfect Pet

Your Perfect Pet is a family breeder of black and fawn Pugs, Puggles, and the occasional litter of Yorkshire Terriers too.

Their mission is to provide happy, healthy, and social pups to loving homes. All puppies are raised with children and other pets in the family home from day one.

This is where to find bundles of joy with personality in abundance!

Top Pug Breeders in CT

1. Quiet Corner Pugs

Quiet Cornet Pugs in Woodstock Connecticut is run by Bonnie, she is an experienced breeder with more than 20 years of experience.

Bonnie raises AKC registered Pug puppies at home. Each Pug is raised underfoot with the whole family, including big dogs and small children.

2. Bezio Pug Puppies

Mom (Daisy Mae) and dad (Chubby Cheeker) are both Celtic brindles. Puppies come with their first vet visit and vaccines.

Top Pug Breeders in Massachusetts

1. Pug Puppy Now  

If you’re hoping to find a Pug puppy very soon then Pug Puppy Now might be perfect for you.

This organization helps prospective owners find their dream pups without having to go through the process of signing up to various breeder waiting lists.

Local to Boston Massachusetts, Pug Puppy Now will provide you with a beautiful well cared for, well-groomed, healthy pup.

2. offers quality, well-cared-for Pug pups lovingly raised in the family home just outside of Boston Massachusetts. Pugs are never shipped, but the breeder is happy to organize local pick up.

At, quality care is of utmost importance. This is a family of Pug lovers who are about the advancement of the Pug breed as well as the health and wellbeing of each and every one of their pups.

The family lives and raises their Pugs on a one-acre plot with plenty of room for running and playing. They even teach their Pugs to swim!

All of their Pugs are fed a healthy diet of quality food and vitamins and have the freedom to play with lots of toys.

When you purchase a pup from they will come with a fully up-to-date vaccination record and will have undergone monthly treatment for heartworms.

What Makes Reputable Pug Breeders in England

Reputable Pug breeders aren’t in it just for the money. They love their dogs and show commitment to the betterment of the breed in everything they do.

But how can you spot reputable breeders when you start searching for a Pug puppy? Here are some tips to help you out.

A good breeder will…

1. Issue a health guarantee

Make sure that your breeder of choice offers a health guarantee. A reputable Pug breeder will write up a binding health guarantee for all of their puppies.

The guarantee protects you against any genetic defects or diseases. It shows that the breeder is confident that their puppies are bred according to best practices. In other words, they’ve got nothing to hide!

Responsible breeders also issue something known as a ‘return of puppy guarantee’. This means if you can no longer look after your pup for some reason, you will be expected to return the puppy to the breeder rather than taking them to a shelter.

2. Provide standard health clearances

Your breeder should have full health clearances for both parent Pugs.

Good breeders often provide some early health-check clearances for their pups too, although some health clearances simply cannot be carried on such young pups.

3. Issue a written bill of sale

Reputable breeders offer written bills of sale to all of their new Pug parents.

This bill of sale should be signed and will outline all the roles and responsibilities to be taken on by the buyer and seller as part of the transaction.

4. Vaccinate their puppies

All puppies should be up to date on their vaccinations before being homed with new families. Your breeder of choice should be able to provide evidence of these vaccinations.

5. Let you see the pups

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Reputable breeders welcome prospective parents into their homes to see the puppies. They’ve got nothing to hide.

Plus, they also want to check you out, and see if you’re going to be a responsible owner.

6. Follow age guidelines

Puppies should never leave the litter before 8 weeks of age. Any breeder offering pups for adoption before this time is not following best practices.

In fact, this could be quite damaging for the puppy developmentally. A reputable breeder will keep their pups at home until eight to twelve weeks so that they can be properly socialized and spend that crucial time with their mother and litter-mates.

7. Answer your questions

Last, but not least, a reputable breeder will be knowledgeable. They will welcome your questions (as long as they’re puppy-related) and have confident answers.

In most cases, they will also want to ask you plenty of questions to ensure that their precious pups are going to good homes.

How And Where To Find Pug Puppies For Sale

If you are wondering how and where to find the best Pug Puppies for sale, we’ve prepared a very detailed guide in another post, you will learn:

  • how to find the best Pug breeders
  • tips to identify a good Pug breeder
  • and more

Check here to learn more about it.

How Do We Select Top Pug Breeders in New England

Wondering how we go about selecting the best Pug Breeders?

We have a strict selection process that takes a variety of factors into account. That way we can ensure that only the best breeders end up on our lists.

1. Health testing/ clearances

We select breeders to carry out health testing and relevant health clearances on their dogs. This way we know that our chosen breeders offer genetically sound and healthy puppies.

Health testing shows a commitment to the health and wellbeing of each Pug. And that’s one of the most important traits to look out for in any breeding program.

2. Contact information

Any breeder that does not offer up their contact information is a big red flag.

A reputable breeder will make it easy for you to get in contact with them by providing telephone numbers, email addresses, and they will usually have a well-established website as well.

3. AKC listing

Registering with the American Kennel Club is a good sign in a breeder. It shows a commitment to breeding best practices.

However, it’s important to note that this alone does not guarantee the quality of a breeding program.

4. Event participation

Breeders who also compete in doggie events are often some of the best.

Why? Because these people tend to be dog lovers par excellence.

They live and breathe for their Pugs and are proud to show them off in public. They are also more likely to have a high level of breed knowledge – an excellent sign for a breeder.

5. Breed club membership

There are lots of breed clubs out there that breeders can register with. These clubs have rules, regulations, and membership fees.

If your breeder is registered with the Pug Dog Club of America, this is a great sign showing commitment to the Pug breed.

6. Recognition awards

Lastly, we look out for awards!

If a Pug breeder has won any accolades for their work with Pugs then that’s an A+ in our books.

Institutions like the AKC recognize the efforts and achievements of top breeders. The very best will be awarded the AKC recognition of merit award.

Bringing Home your Pug Puppy: Preparations and Tips

Once you’ve chosen your Pug puppy, you’ll have a short waiting period before you can bring them home.

During this time we recommend getting everything ready before your new arrival rattles through the front door. So, what should you do prior to your Pug’s homecoming?

1. Get all the essentials

You’ll need to go pre-puppy shopping before arrival day. Your puppy will need:

  • a crate for sleeping and training during the early days
  • quality puppy-grade food
  • a leash and harness
  • plenty of toys

You may also wish to purchase a puppy gate if there are areas of your home that you want to keep your Pug away from.

2. Puppy-proof your house

Speaking of puppy gates, you’ll also want to fully puppy-proof your home. This is all about making your home as safe as possible for your new arrival.

Make sure anything that could potentially cause harm to your pup is removed. You won’t want any medicines lying around, exposed electrical cords, detergents, chemicals, sharp or precarious objects.

3. Clear your schedule

Having a Pug puppy is a bit like having a human baby. It’s time-consuming. You’ll have so much to do once your puppy arrives.

So make sure to clear your schedule and get all of those errands done ahead of time!

Once they arrive…

4. Avoid crowds

Hold your excitement. You might want to show off your gorgeous puppy to the world, but to start off with you’ll want to provide a calm environment. That means no crowds.

Try to keep the home environment as stress-free as possible so that your puppy can settle in and start to feel part of the family.

5. Start training early

Almost as soon as the puppy arrives you’ll need to start some basic training.

Crate training is the first step. This will help them learn how to settle down in their ‘safe space’.

It’s worth starting house training too. Lay down a regular routine from the get to and your Pug will be good as gold in no time.

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