The Best Pug Sweaters for Warmth & Style

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When the temperatures dropped, I noticed my pug shivering and curling into a ball.

I knew someone who put a sweater on her pug to help her keep warm, and I thought to do the same.

My search showed that the best sweaters for pugs are those which keep a balance between warmth and style, and also ensure that the pug can move without feeling restricted and uncomfortable.

Style may be important, but comfort is key, especially as the pugs would wear the sweaters for as long as the cold spell lasts!

Here’s my checklist for the five best sweaters for pugs.

  1. Make your pug ready for social meetings in a snappy formal look with a iChoue Pet Dog Sweater: Winter Warm Clothes.
  2. Look to the Fitwarm Knitted Dog Clothesfor the best pullover sweater that would keep your pug extremely snug.
  3. The double layerediChoue Dog Clothes: Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt is not just double the fun but also half the discomfort to wear.
  4. Now even your pug can have its own activewear with the iChoue Pet Dog Warm Sweater.
  5. HAPEE Pet Clothes: The Diamond Plaid Dog Sweater is a great choice for keeping your pug warm without hindering its movements, making playtime a lot more enjoyable.

Why Should I Get My Pug Sweater?

1. To help keep it warm

Sometimes pugs, like people, have a hard time maintaining their body temperature, especially when the weather is cold. A sweater will help them stay cozy and comfortable.

2. It is fashionable

Nothing says “personality” more than a fun article of clothing! I think sweaters for pugs are not just practical, but a very stylish option!

3. To reduce the ache of their joints

Older pugs, especially those who suffer from arthritis can be helped by making them wear sweaters, which would ease the task of their joints which rub just so they can produce enough body heat to keep warm.

What Must be Looked for When Searching for The Perfect Pug Clothes?

1. A Good Fit (the matter of size)

Finding the right-sized clothes for your pug is absolutely important as if the clothing is too tight, or is a bad fit, your pug won’t let you put clothes on it again.

Before searching for the best fitting clothes, it is important to measure your pug.

A guide on how to do so is given later in this article for your convenience. When you have the measurements, finding the right clothes becomes so much easier.

I would also advise that if your pug’s measurements fall between two sizes, opt for the larger size, as to minimize the discomfort that may be caused by chafing. A larger size will also allow your pug to grow into it comfortably.

2. Easy to put on and remove

The best sweaters for your pug would have a little elasticity that would stretch enough to maneuver the clothing on the pug.

It would also help you struggle less, and your pug to be a little calmer during the fittings, if the sweaters have buttons or zips or even toggles to facilitate a better fit.

3. The Material

An ideal sweater for your pug should be made of a material that is warm as well as breathable.

A cotton knit fabric, such as jersey, usually works for the mild autumn months.

However, for colder months, wool has been tried and tested to be a warmer option, despite the fact that it may scratch your pug’s skin.

An alternate option is the Acrylic material, which has a texture that your pug may prefer to wool, and only is a little less warm than it.

4. Whether it is machine washable

We pug owners can’t help but attest to our pugs having a somewhat strong body odor. Machine washable sweaters ensure our lives just easier.

Many sweaters caution users to hand wash them or opt for dry cleaning, which is a needless hassle.

I personally prefer to spend that time playing with my pug!

I believe that all pug clothes, not just sweaters, should be made of a washable fabric that wouldn’t shrink.

Shrinking would affect the fit and then the comfort of your pug, so it is important to check the materials that the pug sweater is made of.

A Series of Steps: How to Measure Your Pug for Sweaters:

1.Gather your measuring gear:

  • a measuring tape (to do the measuring)
  • a brush (to ensure your pug’s fur is flat),
  • a notebook and pen (to note down the measurements for use in the near future!)

2. Prepare your pug!

Remove the collar from your pug so it would not get in the way of your measurements, and then make sure your pug is standing comfortably.

To aid in measurements, make sure you and your pug are on the same eye level.

3. Measure, measure, measure!

Make the measurements of your pug carefully, noting the measurements in inches:

  • Wrap the tape gently around your pug’s neck, to assess its width
  • Next, calculate the girth of your pug, by measuring the widest part of its chest (below the forelegs) and then add two inches to your findings. This is to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Measure the back from the center of the neck to the start of the tail, and then add two inches.

The 5 Best Sweaters for Pugs

1.iChoue Pet Dog Sweater: Winter Warm Clothes

Get your pug ready for the season of festivities this winter with this urbane look! Your pug can now look like a socialite- ready to mix and mingle- with this classic combination of a knitted sweater and white shirt.

The cotton fabric is flannel lined. Adorned with decorative buttons, this sweater best balances a formal appearance with warmth and comfort.

The ‘white shirt’ underneath the sweater is fake. The white sleeves and collar have been attached to the sweater to heighten the dressy look and guarantee compliments from all those whom your pug meets!

After all, even pugs deserve to dress to impress!


  • Stretchy material for easier fit
  • Wider chest style makes your pug more comfortable
  • Bright buttons make it more fancy
  • Machine washable
    • No hole for a harness
    • Only available in one color

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2. Fitwarm Knitted Dog Clothes

Pugs love their comfort to be covered! Made of two different materials for a snug fit, this sweater is ideal for maximum coziness and style!

The backside is made of a soft felt cloth, to feel good against pug fur. The front and sleeves are made of an elastic knit to aid in a better fit!

The pullover style of the sweater is a practical wear as it is easy to take on and off.

Elastic leg openings allow the pug to move with more ease. There is also a hidden hole at the back for a leash or harness.

The best pug sweater is that which prioritizes comfort, and this sweater is hence a good choice for any pug.


  • Stretchy and soft fit
  • Elastic leg openings
  • Subtle hole to attach leash
    • The elastic knit may feel a bit heavy to wear at first
    • Pugs with shorter legs would need to have the leg sleeves rolled up

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3. iChoue Dog Clothes: Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt

What says “easiest to wear” more than a zip-up sweater? Having a special gasket under the zip makes the zipping up of the sweater a lot easier, as it prevents fur from snagging in the zipper mechanism and hurting your pug.

The sweater has space for wider chested pugs, which makes it simpler to maneuver on and off your pug.

The fabric of this is 95% cotton and 5% polyester, which makes it a soft sweater option- your pug might not want you to take it off!

The simple fastening mechanism means that the most energetic of pugs can be made to wear this sweater; pug owners, you may thank me later!


  • Convenient zip to make sweater wearing easier
  • Stylish color which is easy on the eyes
  • Machine washable
  • Special zip mechanism to prevent fur from getting stuck in it
    • Best fits mostly the pugs with a wider girth
    • No hole for a collar or harness

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4.iChoue Pet Dog Warm Sweater

This colorful sweater has a round neck, making it a pullover style clothing, which is easy to put on and move in.

The stretchable cuffs make maneuvering the streets easier for your pug as they would not get tangled in its legs.

Also, for increased comfort, the sweater is double layered, made of cotton fabric with a flannel lining, which makes it soft and relatively lightweight.

This sweater is a terrific way to preserve the heat while looking great, and your sporty pug would really thank you for this.


  • Stretchable fabric
  • Easy-to-wear pullover style
  • Machine washable
  • Colorful and vibrant
    • No hole for a harness/leash
    • Does not cover the lower back region

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5.HAPEE Pet Clothes:The Diamond Plaid Dog Sweater

Playtime for pugs wearing sweaters can be hard as some sleeves may cause clumsy pugs to trip.

Because of this, I once tried to shorten my pug’s sleeves but that meant that he was more exposed to the cold winds.

This sweater seems to be a solution as the doubled fabric protection near the chest and neck of your pug makes a windproof barrier.

Your pug can now stay warm and be free to make unrestricted movements during playtime!

The elasticity in the fabric allows for a better fit, and the long length of the sweater ensures that the back of the pug is not exposed.

For these reasons this is one of the best sweater options to choose for your pug!


  • Available in many different colors and patterns
  • Fabric doubles near the neck, making it windproof
  • Long length to cover the whole body
  • Slight elasticity for better fit
  • Warm, lightweightacrylic fabric makes it more wearable
    • Must be hand washed
    • Lighter colors may look dirty soon

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1. How can I tell if my pug is too cold?

The breed of pugs has a thin coat, so pug owners would see their pugs shiver in cold weather.

Lighter colored, small sized pugs are most likely to feel colder than other pug types, especially if they have less body fat, or are older!

You can tell if your pug is too cold if his ears are cold to touch, he does not want to walk and keeps lifting paws from the ground.

Shivering, whining, and tucking in the tail while in a hunched position are also indications that your pug is too cold.

2. What can I do to encourage my pug to wear a sweater?

It takes time to accept new things, and some amount of training will be needed to help fulfil your wish to put your pug in a sweater.

While attempting to put a sweater on, keep some treats at hand to present to your pug, along with praises.

It is important to remind your pug that he is a “good boy” for cooperating!

3. Pugs and larger dogs: who gets colder more easily?

Pugs would get colder more easily because of their small size, they tend to lose heat at a faster rate than larger dogs.


Your pet deserves the best, so it would be lovely that you find the best sweater for the best pug you know!

Sweaters for pugs are synonyms for comfort and style, from the chic knitted hoodie to the fun costume sweater, there are always plenty of options to choose from!

There would never be a dull day once you let a pug sweater have its bold say!