The Complete Guide For a Pug Pitbull Mix

Pug& pitbull mix

With Pug Pitbull Mix, you get the best of both worlds, from their goofiness to their unparalleled energy. These loveable puppies are the perfect match for anyone.

With designer dogs taking over the market, you often find a lot of backlash for these crossbred pups, but we’ve broken down every single thing you need to know before getting a pug pitbull mix, including:

  • The History and Characteristics of a Pug Pitbull Mix
  • The Pug Pitbull’s Behavior and Personality
  • Health Issues of a Pug mixed with Pitbull
  • How much does a Pug Pitbull Mix cost
  • And so much more

Let’s dive in!

What is a Pug Pitbull Mix?

As you can tell by the name, the Pug Pitbull Mix is the subsequent offspring when breeders crossbreed the American Pitbull terrier with the pug.

The Pit Pug is not a purebred dog and is considered a designer breed.

The dual nature of the Pug Pitbull’s genetics allows it to inherit traits from both its parents.

This makes it essential for you to understand their parental lineage thoroughly.

1. Pug Pitbull Mix History

Designer breeds have a very recent existence; hence they do not have a specific history of their own to trace back to.

To understand your Pug Pitbull better, it is essential to review their individual parental history and understand this hybrid breed’s subtleties.

  • History of Pugs

Pugs are an ancient breed with their ancestry tracing back as far as 206 B.C. Their origin is said to be in China as they were widely bred by them.

Pugs are popularly known as lap dogs and were seen as a prized-possession by emperors and other elite families that owned them.

This breed was a prized possession for all owners and was seen as a privileged class symbol.

Pugs became popular throughout the world after the 1500s, and today they stand as one of the most popular breed choices worldwide.

  • History of Pitbulls

Contrary to the pug’s lavish history, Pitbull saves seen a rough time throughout history.

The breed was developed in the 19th century in England for the brutal sport of bull baiting. Luckily, this terrible practice was deemed illegal in 1835.

With the popularity of dogfighting on the rise, Terriers and Bulldogs were bred to achieve Pitbulls’ agile breed. Unlike its parents, Pitbulls were not violent against humans.

They evolved over the years to their modern form and are now one of the popular choices for pets in America.

With both breeds having their unique set of attributes and lineage, the Pug Pitbull Mix is amongst the most popular designer dogs these days.

While designer breeds have received backlash and controversy due to certain misconceptions.

We have comprehensively compiled everything else you need to know about pugs mixed with Pitbulls here.

2. Pug Pitbull Mix Characteristics

  • Size: 14-16 inches in height
  • Coat: Short and furry coat but don’t shed a lot
  • Coat Color: blue, black, red, brown, gray, black and white, brindle
  • Exercise: Around 1 hour a day can be divided into two 30 minute sessions
  • Weight:  23 to 34 pounds
  • Lifespan: 10 to 13 years
  • Other Names: Pugbull Terrier, Pugabul, Pit-a-Pug, Pit Pug, Pug-A-Bull, Pugbull
  • Temperament: Intelligent and affectionate. Maintains a calm and gentle demeanor
  • Good with Children: Get along well with kids of all ages
  • Good with Pets: Might tend to fight other pets and views them as a threat without proper training.

3. The Appearance of a Pug Pitbull Mix

pigbull pug mix_apperance

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With any hybrid dog, it’s hard to determine what they will look like, and it ultimately depends on the more potent parent gene.

However, certain generalizations can be made for these pups that get the best of both worlds.

This hybrid pup can inherit either the dominant snout of its pitbull parent or the flat-faced features of their pug parent.

Their body, on the other hand, resembles more to a pitbull than a pug.

The Pug Pitbull Mix comes in a variety of colors that vary according to their gene pool, including:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Black And White
  • Brindle

Their exact color will be dependent on the dominant parent gene.

In terms of height and weight, the Pugbull takes after its Pitbull parent and often measures more than the average pug.

Their size can vary from 14 to 16 inches and weigh up to 23~34 pounds.

Pug Pits have relatively longer torsos than their legs. Often they acquire the black mask features of their Pug parents.

However, none of these features can be determined with certainty. All offspring of this breed takes up their unique facial features and appearances.

Behavior and Personality of a Pug Pitbull Mix

Pug Pitbulls inherit their parent’s charming traits that make everyone fall for them.

Here we’ve listed all you would need to know about this adorable pup’s behavior and personality.

1. The personality of a Pug Pitbull Mix

The pug pitbull mix is known to be extremely affectionate and loving towards their owners.

Their intelligent nature makes them alert in all cases, and they adapt quickly to any change that they might have to face in their environment.

They maintain a calm and gentle demeanor, and even if they perceive someone to be a threat, the most they would react with is a bark or maybe a growl.

Pugs, mixed with Pitbulls, are known to be playful and highly energetic.

They will never leave you feeling lonely and will always be the center of attention wherever you take them.

2. Behavior of Pug Pitbull Mix

Pugbulls are peaceful pups that do not partake in violent or aggressive behaviors.

However, they do require socializing training so that they respond well around other pets and little children. Otherwise, they will view other critters as a threat.

While they love to feel included, like both their parent breeds, the Pug Pitbull Mix does not suffer from separation anxiety.

They will love to cuddle up with you day and night, but if you do leave them at home all alone, they will survive just fine.

A common trait in both its parents is stubbornness, and this pup has loads of it.

While Pugbulls will do anything to please their owners, they also require strict training to follow all given commands promptly.

Even though the Pug Pitbull mix requires patience, consistency, and love to train correctly, they will do anything to make you happy and spend the most time with you. Their playful nature will brighten up all your days.

With their easy-going personality and quickly adapting behavior, the Pug Pitbull mix is a great family dog and perfect for any family and environment.

Pug Pitbull Mix Health and Nutrition

All breeds of dogs have specific lists of health and nutritional requirements.

However, mixed Pug Pitbull comes with a more extensive list of issues due to their diverse gene pool.

These pups require extra care and attention, and here we have listed all the facts you need to know before getting a Pug Pitbull Mix.

1. Health

The pug and pitbull mix is prone to various health-related problems due to their mixed breed gene pool.

However, these health conditions can vary across different pugbulls and will not be the same case for all.

Be sure to get your hybrid pup from a reputable breeder and get a certified health clearance about the parent breeds and their offspring to avoid future complications.

While health issues may not be present for every Pug Pitbull mix, there’s a list of common conditions amongst this breed, and we explain them extensively later on in this article.

2. Nutrition

When it comes to pugbulls, You must monitor their food intake properly and devise a proper feeding schedule for them as they are prone to weight gain while compulsively eating.

Whether you’re opting for store-bought dog food or preparing home-cooked meals for your pug it’s necessary to make sure it is packed with essential nutrients.

According to AAFCO,  the minimal requirements for key nutrients in dogs include:

  • Protein requirement of 22% for puppies and 18% for adults
  • Healthy fats of 5 to 8 %
  • Rich in fiber and antioxidants
  • Packed with omega fatty acids and glucosamine
  • Consist of essential vitamins and minerals

When it comes to your Pugbull’s nutrition, their age and weight are the factors that determine the food intake per day.

Here we’ve devised a chart that you can base your pup’s food intake depending on their weight.

Dog’s Weight (lbs) Food Intake (Cups)
5 lbs ½ – 5/8 cup
10 lbs ¾ – 1 cup
20 lbs 1 ¼ – 1 ¾ cups

The recommended food intake amount is to be fed in portions throughout the day i.e. If the recommended portion is 1 cup you can divide the amount into two ½ cup meals throughout the day.

However, we would always recommend that you consult a vet to find the perfect fit for your unique Pug Pitbull mix.

Health Risks of a Pug Pitbull Mix

With crossbred pups, the risk of inheriting the same health conditions as their parents is incredibly likely.

While most conditions mentioned below are entirely normal, it’s always important to be vigilant about your pup’s health.

  • Weight gain

Both parent breeds are food lovers, and they will enjoy the food at any given moment. However, this could result in obesity for the pup, which adds to many other physical conditions.

  • Ear infections

Ear infections are common amongst Pug Pitbulls. They result from a lack of ear care and proper cleaning and can prove to be extremely painful in severe cases.

  • Cataracts

Some pitbulls are prone to cataracts, so it’s likely the pitbulls might catch a chance to have the same issue.

While this can be treated through routine procedures, it’s essential to be careful while taking care of your pup’s eyes.

  • Diabetes

Pug Pitbulls might get more chances for diabetes from the genes of pugs.

Diabetes makes the dog’s body unable to regulate sugars in their system and requires frequent insulin injections. Hence, it is essential to get them checked regularly.

  • Epilepsy

If a Pugbull inherits from the pug, you need to keep an eye on epilepsy.

Pug Dog Encephalitis causes inflammation in the brain which results in seizures and epileptic attacks.

While this condition can be treated upon recognition, it can also turn into severe cases, so you need to remain attentive.

  • Hip dysplasia

Pug Pitbulls can be prone to dysplasia. This condition puts severe pressure on their elbows and joints and makes the joint areas challenging to move. This can cause pain during mobility.

With all these health risks, I suggest you pay regular visits to the vet to check up on your Pug Pitbull’s health and physical condition.

Pug Pitbull Mix Exercise and Training

Exercise and training are essential factors when it comes to owning a dog.

Pugs mixed with Pitbulls are a unique breed with special needs for their exercise and training.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered what you need to know about their activity and training right here!

1. Exercise

The exercising capabilities of pug and pitbull mix puppies depend on which parent they dominantly take after.

On average, the Pug Pitbull mix requires about an hour of exercise throughout the day. This can be broken down into two sessions of 30 minutes.


  • If the dog takes after its Pitbull parent, they will be more energetic and will always be jumping around and nagging you to play along, so you may need to increase the exercise time over an hour.
  • If your Pug Pitbull has inherited the short snout of its Pug parent and is brachycephalic, you will need to be careful when exercising your dog, so you don’t worsen their health issues.

Pug Pits can be chaotic if not given enough exercise throughout the day.

They will have pent up excessive energy and bark and growl at you.

Hence, it would be best if you catered to all their exercising needs for the day.

2. Training

If your pup gets its genes dominantly from their pug parent, then they will have no problem adjusting to any environment and will be generally friendly.

However, dogs that inherit their Pitbull parent’s genes are often aggressive and might require training to make them more social in specific environments.

These pups inherit the same streak of stubbornness as their parents, which means that you will have to be stricter while training. Here are some tips to train them:

  1. Introduce yourself as the Alpha. This will make the pup abide by your rules and learn to obey commands quickly.
  2. Positive reinforcement is key while training pugbulls. They are always ready to please their owners.
  3. Use treats as a reward for their good behavior.
  4. Do not be overly strict in their training as it will cause them to rebel more.

If you find it hard to train your pup, hire a professional trainer as training these pups is essential if you want a family-friendly dog.

Grooming of a Pug Pitbull Mix

Even though Pugbull’s are not high maintenance for grooming, you will need to cater to their hygienic needs taking into account their features.

Here’s a list of grooming activities you need to be alert about for your Pug Pitbull Mix:

  1. Consistently brush the coat once a week. During the shedding season, this could be 2 to 3 times a week. Use slicker brushes for this process.
  2. If your Pug Pitbull Mix has inherited the Pug skinfolds, then you need to clean them every other day to prevent infections thoroughly.
  3. Bathe your puppy every 3 to 4 weeks.
  4. Take care of their paws regularly.
  5. Trim their nails every 3 to 4 weeks or whenever you hear them clicking across surfaces.
  6. Clean their ears and the ear canal thoroughly every 1 to 2 weeks.
  7. Take care of their teeth and brush them properly every day or at least 3 times a week.


1. How much does it cost to buy pug and pitbull mix puppies?

The average price for a Pug Pitbull can range from $350 to $2000.

The price difference results from the popularity of both parent breeds and the breeder’s efforts to ensure healthy crossbreeding.

Not all breeders use purebreds for breeding these pups; hence their prices can vary.

2. Is a pug and pitbull mix puppy right for your family?

Pug Pitbulls are excellent family dogs. They get along with large families and kids of all ages.

They view their family as their “pack”, so they would love to be involved in every activity from mowing lawns to grocery store trips.

With ample training, they acquire good social skills and can adapt to any environment reasonably quickly.

Final Thoughts on a Pug Pitbull Mix

This sweet-natured loving pup is a good fit for any family!

Their unique features and their adorable traits give you the best of both worlds of Pugs and Pitbulls.

Whether you live on your own or you’re looking for a family dog, the pug pitbull mix gives you the love and affection you need.

With little training and a whole lot of love, your Pug Pitbull Mix will be your best friend for life and get along with everyone.