251+ Pug Names: Funny, Cute, Unique + [Naming Tips]

Pug names

With Pugs’ adorable features and playful quirks, they even become the pinnacle of attention in many households. Choosing a perfect name for your furry friend bears great importance.

I’ve compiled the ultimate list of pug names, which include:

  • Cute Pug Names
  • Funny Pug Names
  • Boy Pug Names
  • Girl Pug Names
  • Famous Pug Names
  • Tips and tricks to choose the best name for Pugs
  • And much more

So, let’s dive into the list of pug names to find the best fit for your pug!


Top Female Pug Names

If you’re looking for feminine names for your pug we’ve got the top 10 pug names for your furry friend.

These names capture the femininity and pleasant nature of female pugs.

Everyone loves these sweet names, and I’m sure you will love them too. My list of top female pug names includes:

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Tinkerbell
  3. Luna
  4. Bambi
  5. Stella
  6. Lilly
  7. Bella
  8. Hazel
  9. Sapphire
  10. Honey


Top Male Pug Names

For boy pugs, you need names that match their laidback and easygoing personalities.

Male pugs are generally relaxed and calm in their demeanor, and you need names that match this lazy pug’s style.

For your male pug, my top picks are:

  1. Ace
  2. Rex
  3. Milo
  4. Max
  5. Charlie
  6. Teddy
  7. Miles
  8. Juno
  9. Frankie
  10. Elmo


Popular Pugs Names

With this breed rising in popularity, there’s a selection of names for pugs that seem like a match made in heaven.

These names have been coined as popular pug names of all time, I hope my list delivers 26 names for every alphabet that would be perfect for any pug out there!

1. Arthur 11. Kyle 21. Umber
2. Bruno 12. Leo 22. Vinnie
3. Coco 13. Maggie 23. Woody
4. Daisy 14. Nugget 24. Xavier
5. Eddie 15. Ozzy 25. Yoda
6. Felix 16. Peaches 26.Zed
7. Gus 17. Quinn
8. Hugo 18. Rocky
9. Igor 19. Sammy
10. Jack 20. Tommy


Names Of Famous Pugs

With pugs rising to popularity, they’ve made their presence known as famous personalities in pop culture and history as well.

From Queen Victoria popularizing them to movies with plots revolving around the adventures of a pug, we’ve gathered our list of famous Pug names.

With this list, you’ll be sure to find an iconic match for your iconic pup!

  1. Otis: Lead pug from the movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis
  2. Mel: Lovable character from the animated movie Secret Life of Pets
  3. Scooby Doo: The iconic adventurous dog from the cartoon series that reigned all our childhoods
  4. Snoopy: A Main character from the popular comic series Peanuts
  5. Rufus: The loveable character from the movie Breakin’ All The Rules
  6. Mops: The name of Marie Antoinette’s loving pup
  7. Basco: The name of Queen Victoria’s favorite pug
  8. Odie: Garfield’s endearing companion in the popular comic series and cartoons
  9. Pompey: The legendary pug who saved the life of Prince of Orange during the 1500s
  10. Diamond: The favorite and cherished pug of Duke of Windsor


Funny Dog Names For Your Pugs

Who doesn’t love funny pug names, especially the ones that come with a great pun?

Well if you’re looking to match your pug’s goofy personality with an equally goofy name, you’ve come to the right place.

From pug being the central part of the name to funny jokes to tell while introducing your pug, here is a list of funny pug names that will undoubtedly crack you up.

1. Pugs Bunny 14. Peppa Pug
2. Love Pug 15. Pugly
3. Pugsley 16. Puggacino
4. Pepe Le Pug 17. Pug Tart
5. Sir Pugs-a-lot 18. Puggo
6. Barkley 19. Pugberry
7. Elvis Pugsley 20. Captain Puggles
8. Pugzilla 21. Puggy Bunny
9. Puggles 22. Pugsworth
10. Pugsy Mugsy 23. Pugster
11. Pugger 24. Spark Pug
12. Pugroll 25. Puggy back
13. Pugaroo


Best Names For Boy Pugs

While your boy pugs are lazing around the house and being the laidback companion you’ve been looking for, choosing a cute name for them is essential for the pug package.

I’ve included a list of boy pug names filled with the most adorable and heartwarming terms below.

1. Axle 10. Murphy 19. Dexter
2. Adrian 11. Noah 20. Diego
3. Frankie 12. Oscar 21. Brutus
4. Louie 13. Ricky 22. Gordie
5. Winston 14. Theo 23. Pepper
6. Gulliver 15. Harry 24. Henry
7. Kirby 16. Andy 25. Tucker
8. Cooper 17. Max
9. Bradley 18. Hank


Best Names For Girl Pugs

For your girly, engaging and adorable girl pug, you need endearing names that match their reserved and feminine energy.

The list of best girl pug names is filled with charming names for your cute little pug and its playful energy.

1. Autumn 10. Olivia 19. Bloom
2. Zoey 11. Mabel 20. Patty
3. Buttercup 12. Sandy 21. Petunia
4. Bubbles 13. Ophelia 22. Zenia
5. Dixie 14. Ruby 23. Lisa
6. Dawn 15. Roxy 24. Rosie
7. Emerald 16. Liv 25.Gracie
8. Lola 17. Maddie
9. Belle 18. Flora


Top Name For Pug Puppies

If you’re looking for a name for your baby pug, then it should match its small and naïve nature.

Pug puppies are heartwarming, and their words should match the precious energy they exuberate.

Through the list of top names for pug puppies, you will undeniably find the best match for your baby pug.

1. Ash 10. Indigo 19. Pebbles
2. Bugsy 11. Violet 20. Peanut
3. Millie 12. Espresso 21. Skye
4. Coral 13. Marshmallow 22. Sage
5. Bean 14. Jellybean 23. Waffles
6. Bibi 15. Oreo 24. Snickers
7. Button 16. Poochie 25. Kit Kat
8. Domino 17. Poppy
9. Ebony 18. Lavender


Best Cute Names For Pugs

Pugs are the absolute cutest beings ever to exist, so it only fits that the name is just as cute. While pugs make everyone go “aww” at their existence, these cute names will just add to their already existing cuteness!

1. Crinkles 10. Cookie 19. Spud
2. Shortcake 11. Barney 20. Skip
3. Baby 12. Brownie 21. Mitch
4. Sweet pea 13. Caramel 22. Pee Wee
5. Vanilla 14. Fuzzy 23. Corkie
6. Mini 15. Moon 24. Angel
7. Pixie 16. Olaf 25. Smudge
8. Munchkin 17. Star
9. Button 18. Ziggy


Unique Pug Names

Over the recent years, I’ve come across some unique names as well that will either leave others in awe or make you repeat the name a million times!

My personal favorites have to be:

1. Ang 10. Wrinkles 19. Patty Cake
2. Brandy 11. Wu mu 20. Dynamite
3. Lady 12. Toby 21. Love
4. Muffin 13. Tina 22. Hashtag
5. Oprah 14. Epiphany 23. Deedee
6. Sassy 15. Queen 24. Diva
7. Snuffy 16. Lance 25. Vegas
8. Tucker 17. Pogo
9. Vixen 18. Peso


Best Names For Black Pugs

Sometimes it’s best to choose your pug’s name based on their adorable appearance.

Black pugs have been reigning over everyone’s hearts, and since they’re so rare, their names should be unique to them as well!

Here’s the list of the best black pug names that will be the perfect match for your rare pug.

1. Heart 10. Onyx 19. Coco Pop
2. Rare 11. Obsidian 20. Aurora
3. Carbon 12. Noir 21. Pepsi
4. Espresso 13. Magic 22. Jet
5. Mocha 14. Nigel 23. Hershey
6. Shadow 15. Nova 24. Cinder
7. Ember 16. Lunar 25. Asteroid
8. Snoopy 17. Inky
9. Raven 18. Midnight


Get Inspiration From The Geeks

With iconic characters from movies, comics and even our history, naming your pug after your hero can be a sweet memoir for your favorite personality and add to how endearing your pug is already.

You can take inspiration from multiple geek obsessions. For instance:

1. Names from Series and Movies

If you’re a movie or series lover, what better way to commemorate the love for your favorite character than by naming your pug after them.

From iconic animals to loveable characters, series and movies are the best sources of inspiration.

Recently I came across pups named Harry and Ginnie from Harry Potter and our hearts melted.

There are a plethora of names to choose from, such as Frodo, Stark, Bambi, Vanellope, and so on.

2. Names from Famous Singers

Singers stay embedded in our memories forever, and if you have an absolute favorite singer, you can name your pug after them!

From group members to solo artists, these iconic names for your pups will certainly not be forgotten.

Our personal favorites that we’ve heard so far are Adele, Selena, Nicki, Ariana and even Michael Jackson!

3. Names from Superheroes and Villains

Superheroes and villains both have a strong and memorable impact on our lives due to their superhuman existence.

What better way to make your pug feel powerful than naming your pug after them?

Thor, Loki, Hulk, Batman, Flash, Black Panther are just some of our top picks for geeky names for your pugs.

4. Names from Historical Figures

You can also take inspiration from the groundbreaking historical personalities that have shaped our world today. Your little pug can change the world too!

Not only are these names cute for petite little pugs but they’re also ironically hilarious.

Our favorites include Aristotle, Alexander, Shakespeare, and even Bernoulli.


How To Pick The Best Dog Names For Your Pugs

While choosing the perfect name for your pug, you can often get frazzled and overwhelmed.

So here’s a list of steps that you can take to pick the best pug name for your pup easily:

  • Breed

Firstly, consider the breed of your canine. Since pugs are lapdogs and belong to the toy breed.

Names like penny and poppy are perfect considering the size and breed type of pugs.

  • Personality

Secondly, you can assess your pug’s personality and behavior and name your pug after that.

For example, if your pug is a spoiled lap dog, then names like princess and king fit for your drama queen pug.

  • Physical Traits

You can also name your pug after their dominant physical trait.

For example, you may consider calling your darker colored pug, mocha or your light colored pug, cream.

  • Pair Names

If you happen to get your pugs in a pair then iconic pair names are a great route to take.

Some iconic pair names for pugs include Bonnie and Clyde, Fiona and Shrek, Romeo and Juliet, and so much more.

  • Practical Name

Before settling on a name, make sure that you’re choosing a name that’s practical for you to say and call out quickly.

Embarrassing or elongated names might be harder to shout out.

Try choosing names that you’re comfortable shouting out and no longer than 2 to 3 syllables.

  • Make a List of Your Top 5 Names

After you’ve shortlisted your top pug names, make a list of your top 5 and then settle on one by checking your pug’s response.

This would help in choosing names that best suits your pugs.


Tips for Naming Your Pugs

After following the steps and shortlisting your top pug names, there are other factors you need to consider before choosing the name as well.

Through our list of tips for naming your pugs, you will easily be able to finalize the perfect match for your precious pug.

  • Choose shorter names for your pug. Two or three-syllable names are easily recognized by pugs and are easier to call out as well.
  • Wait before naming your pug. Observe your pug’s behavior and habits closely and then name your pug so that the name perfectly matches your pug.
  • Try to avoid commands while addressing your pugs by their name. If pugs associate their names with aggressive connotations, they might stop responding to their name.
  • Addressing your pugs by nicknames can help to familiarize them with the concept of multiple names and learn to differentiate between them.


So, What Are You Naming Your Pug?

With lists of all kinds of pug names in the world, I hope you found some names that caught your eye.

While naming your pug can make you indecisive, the naming process makes you feel closer to your pug, and I hope that was the case for you too.

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