10 Signs Your Pug Expresses His Love for You

Have you ever wondered whether your Pug loves you back? Sometimes it can be hard to know what to look for in order to make sure your pet is happy, healthy, and feeling loved.

But don’t fret. We’ve put together a Pug love guide that will help you get to know your Pug’s love language inside-out.

We’ll be covering everything from the loving nature of Pugs to the reasons behind their sunny dispositions. Finally, you’ll learn how to recognize signs of Pug love once and for all.


Are Pugs Loving?

Absolutely yes. Every Pug I have ever met adores people. And not just one person- everyone.

The first Pugs were bred over 2000 years ago, as companion dogs for ancient Chinese Emperors, and later European royalty and the British aristocracy.

Pugs are about as far removed from hunting dogs as you can get. They have been selectively bred for their docile temperaments for generations.

In other words, being all loved-up is in their genes.

Pugs are undeniably affectionate dogs. Cuddling up on the sofa with their master is their favorite activity.

If you’re thinking about getting a Pug for the first time, it’s important to make sure that you can give them the love and attention they crave.

Pugs want human touch, attention, and affection pretty much 24/7. If you don’t think you can provide this, a Pug might not be the best pet for you.

However, if that sounds like heaven to you, your Pug will love you back with an unfaltering loyalty. Though Pugs love everyone, they will often develop a special bond with one person.

By nurturing your pooch, you’ll receive endless love in return.

Read on to find out how you can read your Pug’s body language and find out just how loved-up they’re feeling.


Why Do Pugs Love Their Owners?

There are many reasons why dogs love their owners. Sure the attention you give them, and the food you feed them makes them super happy. But research has shown that your Pug’s love goes much deeper.

At the end of the day, they still love you beyond anything else.

Dogs are usually thought of as pack animals. They seek leadership and safety from their pack leader (you).

But Pugs are a bit different.

Pugs were bred as companion dogs and, as such, they see you are their family. They want to be part of a human family as much as another human family member.

Pugs want love, care, and physical touch from their owners. This is what they crave. Because Pugs see their owners as their true family, they will trust you beyond anything for protection, affection, and as many full-contact cuddles as possible.


How Can I Tell If My Pug Loves Me?

Pugs might think that they’re part of your human family but, sadly, they can’t speak our language.

Despite this basic fact, there are actually lots of ways to tell how your Pug is feeling based on their body language.

Let’s discuss some of the tell-tale signs. Look out for these typical behaviors – they indicate feelings of unconditional love and affection.

1. Your Pug will smile

A Pug smile might not have the same social context as a human one, but it does let you know that they are relaxed and content -plus it’s darned cute.

Pugs have facial expressions that they display when they are feeling loving and connected to you. They might raise an eyebrow, for example, or relax their mouth and lips into a happy smile (if their tongue pop’s out you’re extra lucky).

2. Your Pug will nap with you

Your Pug thinks they’re part of the human family, remember. And there are no boundaries when it comes to sleeping.

Even if you have the comfiest dog bed, your Pug wants to sleep in the same room (or even bed) as you.

This is a sign of their unfaltering love and trust for you. They feel safe enough to nap beside you.

3. Your Pug will do a special dance

When Pugs are happy and content, there are certain movements that they might display. Often this looks like a super cute (and quite silly) dance.

Pugs love to wiggle their bottoms and curly tails when they’re feeling happy and excited to see you.

4. They won’t take their eyes off you

Your Pug is in a permanent state of what we humans like to call puppy love. So expect some dough eyes. Pugs are well-loved for their expressive faces and wide, bulging eyes.

When your Pug is feeling full of love they won’t take their eyes off you. Eye contact is a sign of trust and attachment and an intimate form of bonding.

5. They will bring you treasured gifts

If your Pug brings you their favorite toy, take it as a sign that they love you. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want to play. Rather, it’s an act of submission, respect, and love.

Your Pug wants to make you happy with the thing that makes them happy. Plus your Pug is trusting you with one of their favorite possessions.

6. They will never leave your side

When a Pug loves you, they will want to be with you. All the time. Expect a pup-shaped shadow at your feet wherever you go. They’re called velcro-dogs for good reason.

Pugs suffer from separation anxiety when away from their master for too long. Staying close is a sign of love and trust. It makes them feel protected.

7. Leaning & nudging

You might notice your Pug leaning against you and nudging you gently. That’s a sign that they are happy with you. They are trying to thank you for your affection with touch.

They might lean up all of their body weight against you (a bit like a human hug). If you’ve been absent for a while, expect a nudge or two – Pug’s get jealous!

8. In for a kiss

If your Pug is trying to give you a big sloppy kiss, have no doubt. Your Pug loves you. When your Pug puts their nose or mouth close to yours it’s a sign of affection.

Though it’s not a great idea to encourage full-on mouth licking, a few doggie-kisses now and then won’t do any harm. Lap up the love.

9. Yawning & sighing

Ever noticed how we tend to yawn when someone else does? Well, dogs do this too – especially with their own owners. It’s a sign of empathy and connectedness.

Pugs are also known to let out a little sigh when feeling content. This is a sign that your pooch is feeling oh-so relaxed around you.

10. Rolling over

Rolling over isn’t just a sign of excitement. It’s actually an act of submission.

When your Pug rolls onto his or her back they are making themselves vulnerable. This means they trust you more than anything. A true sign of happiness and love.



1. Does my Pug know that I love him/her?

Yes. Your Pug knows that you love them. Some scientists say that there is an oxytocin bonding pathway that forms between you and your Pug.

Other reasons why your Pug will know you love them are eye contact, physical contact, and lots of attention.

2. Are Pugs loving towards other dogs?

Most Pugs get on very well with other dogs and will play happily with cats and other animals too.


Do Your Pugs Love You?

Pugs love their owners. These gorgeous creatures love hard.

As their owner, it’s important to give them the companionship and attention they deserve and crave. If you do this your Pug will show you signs of their love at every opportunity.

Check out this video for 11 ways your dog says ‘I love you’:

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