Pug Husky Mix (Hug Dog): The Definitive Guide

pug and husky mix

A Pug husky mix also referred to as the “hug dog” remains true to its endearing name with all its loveable quirks.

Today, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about a Pug husky mix, including:

  • General Features of a Pug husky mix
  • A hug dog’s life span
  • How to feed a husky pug mix
  • The health and nutrition of a husky pug mix
  • How much does a husky pug mix cost
  • Common health issues of a hug dog
  • And much more

Let’s dive in!

What is a Pug Husky Mix (Hug Dog)?

The pug husky mix is a designer dog that is a mix between the friendly Siberian husky and the lazy old adorable Pug.

This active dog is a splendid addition to any family and requires very little maintenance.

The Hug dog is extremely affectionate and friendly and will be your trustworthy companion for sure.

You get the best of both breeds in this small hybrid pup, which is why the hug dog is gaining popularity everywhere!

1. The history of a Pug Husky Mix

With designer breeds, getting an accurate estimate of their lineage and history is tough.

However, you can get a comprehensive understanding of the hybrid pup by examining the parent breeds’ histories individually.

  • History of Pugs

Pugs are an ancient breed with their lineage tracing back as far as 206 B.C.

Their origin is said to be in China as they were widely bred and popularized by the Chinese as lap dogs.

This toy breed is a popular companion pet all over the world.

In the early year, Pugs were seen as a status symbol by emperors and other upper-class families that exclusively owned them. This breed was a prized possession for all owners.

Pugs became widespread throughout the world after the 1500s when they were displaced from China to other states by visitors.

Today they stand as one of the most popular breed choices worldwide. This lazy lapdog is everyone’s best friend.

  • History of Huskies

Similar to the Pug, Siberian Huskies are one of the oldest dog breeds present today.

They were explicitly bred as work dogs by ancient tribes in Siberia and are known to be invaluable for the Chukchi tribe.

While huskies were bred to move around sleds and transport both goods and humans, they prove themselves to be compassionate companion dogs. They are energetic and intelligent.

2. Characteristics of Pug Husky Mix

  • Size: 16 to 22 inches in height
  • Coat:  Long/short, straight, smooth
  • Coat Color: Black, gray, red, silver, white, fawn,, brindle
  • Exercise: 90 minutes of exercise throughout the day
  • Weight: a diverse range of 30 to 60 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  • Other Names:  Pugsky, Hugs
  • Temperament: Intelligent, loyal, friendly, energetic
  • Good With Children: Yes
  • Good With Pets: Yes

3. The Appearance of the Hug Dog

With designer breeds, it’s important to note that the appearance will vary based on the dominant parent gene.

If your Pug husky mix is more like its husky parent, it’s likely to be taller and heavier with a fluffy coat.

Whereas if the Hug takes after its pug parent, you can expect it to be short and petite.

Similarly, the appearance of the muzzle will vary as it can be flat-faced like pugs or have an elongated muzzle like a husky or anywhere in between.

Pug Husky mix can inherit the skin folds and the curled up tail of its pug parent too.

  • Their Size and Weight

This hybrid pup can weigh anywhere from as little as 20 pounds to a massive 60 pounds as an adult.

This small to medium-sized breed usually falls between 16 to 22 inches in height. All this depends on the genetic makeup of the pup.

  • Hug Dog Coat Type and Color

From the short, smooth skin similar to a pug to a thick double coat like that of a husky, their coats can vary immensely.

They can be of various colors such as:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Fawn
  • Brindle

Other standard features that are present dominantly across the Pug and husky mixed breed are a dark mask, silky hair, short hair, heavy shedding, pointy ears, curly tail and light shedding, depending on the dominant gene.


The Behavior and Personality of a Pug Husky Mix

When it comes to mixed pups, their personality and behavior take parts from both its parents.

While a pug husky mix has the laidback and easy-going behavior of both its parents, it’s not a low maintenance dog.

Inheriting endearing traits from both its parents, the husky and Pug mix will be your loyal companion.

Here’s what you need to know about your Hug’s temperament and behavior.

1. Personality

Both the Siberian husky and pugs are one of the friendliest dog breeds out there.

They’re incredibly loving and will do anything to get your undivided love and attention.

So naturally, the pugsky will be an adorable goofball that will never leave your side.

Known for being the perfect companion dogs, they will love spending quality time with you whenever you’re around them.

With their matchless loyalty and caring nature, the Pug Husky mix will be the playful best friend you need.

Their intelligence and high alert levels make them excellent watchdogs as well.

So even though they have the cheerful nature of pugs, they have the same impeccable work ethic of their husky parents as well.

2. Behavior

The Pug Husky takes up adorable features from both its parents. The dominant behavioral skills include:

  • Friendly and Social Pups

Since both pugs and huskies are known to be friendly and social canines, their offspring are quite the social butterfly as well.

The pug husky mix is renowned for being warm and pleasant around children as well as any other pet.

  • Need all your love and attention

You will need to take time out exclusively for your Pugsky for they will crave your attention and inclusivity in all family activities.

  • Stubbornness Streak

That being said, the Hug dog inherits a certain streak of stubbornness from both its parents and to tame the determined behavior you will need to train them.

We wouldn’t suggest them to first time owners, as stubborn dogs can be hard to own on your first time.

  • Puppy proofing around the house

Hugs are splendid at attempting escapes so every Hug owner should not undermine their pup’s capability to do so.

It would be best to invest in puppy proof locks around the house and getting a secure kennel for your pup to keep your beloved Hug safe.

  • Perfect escaper

Most dog owners claim that hugs are the perfect escaper regardless of their size. They tried to get out of the doors, fences, and kennels.

In this case, a kennel for escaping dogs is a perfect fit to lock your “naughty puppies”.


The Husky Pug’s Health and Nutrition

While all breeds of dogs have their lists of health and nutritional requirements, cross-bred the Hug dog comes with a more extensive list of health conditions due to their diverse genetic composition.

Here we have listed all the facts you need to know before getting a Pug Husky Mix.

1. Health

As all designer breeds, the husky and Pug mix brings in a varied set of health-related problems that they may be prone to.

Their health conditions can vary across the litter, depending on their genetic buildup.

This makes it essential to get your hybrid pup from certified breeders and always make sure to get certified health clearance about the parent breeds and their offspring to avoid any future complications.

However, there’s a list of conditions that are common amongst the Pug Husky Mix that you need to be aware of, and we explain them in detail later on in this article.

2. Nutrition

Your Pugsky’s health is directly dependent on its nutritional intake.

Thus you need to ensure that your pup’s diet is balanced and filled with essential nutrients so your dog can live a healthy life.

Whether you’re opting for home-cooked meals or commercially sold dog food, you need to ensure that the ingredients aren’t processed.

Additionally, there should be some meat tissue as a source of proteins as well as fatty acids such as omega 3.

Fruits and vegetables are great antioxidants and help regulate the body functions of your pup.

  • How to Feed a Pug Husky Mix

As mentioned previously, the caloric intake of your Pugsky can be determined based on their weight.

According to pet obesity prevention, the approx calories your pup would require per day based on their weight:

But, how much should you feed your dog?

Weight (lbs) Caloric Intake Per Day
10 lbs 200 – 275
20 lbs 325 – 400
50 lbs 700 – 900
70 lbs 900 – 1050

The feeding guide on the bag can always help you, you can also get the suggestion from your vet.

Here’s what I’ve found from petmd, they had included the feeding frequency into this great table:

image source: petmd.com

Your dog’s activity could also be an important role in determining food intake.

I would always recommend that you consult a vet to find the perfect fit for your unique husky and pug mix.


Common Health Risks of Pug Husky Mix

Unluckily, mixed pups are at a higher risk of developing severe health issues, and you need to be aware of these conditions before you make your decision to get Pug Husky Mix.

1. Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction (BACS)

Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, which causes breathing problems and discomfort in harsh temperatures.

This condition gives them a shortened breathing tract which causes all this discomfort.

If the Pug Husky Mix receives flat-faced features from their Pug parent, then they are prone to the brachycephalic syndrome.

This condition causes problems in breathing for the dog due to its shortened snout.

Exercise and harsh weather can aggravate this condition and would require immediate medical attention. If this condition is left unattended, it could prove to be fatal.

Brachycephalic breeds are known to have other conditions as well, such as:

  • Natural birthing issues; require a cesarean procedure to be done.
  • Spinal problems due to their screw tail which could misalign the vertebrae
  • Skin issues due to their skin folds being prone to fungal infections

2. Cataracts

The Siberian husky is at a chance of developing cataracts.

This condition affects nearly 10% of the Siberian husky population and starts developing in the first 12 months of the puppy’s life.

If this isn’t checked and cared for properly, it could lead to blindness.

Similarly, this hybrid pup is at the risk of developing Progressive Retinal Atrophy which slowly deteriorates the pup’s eyes and can also lead to blindness.

Therefore, early checkups and regular vet visits are a must with this breed so you can catch on these problems early on and treat it immediately.

3. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition common amongst both pugs and huskies.

This condition causes the hip joints to alter in position and can cause extreme discomfort for the pup as well as disables them from walking and running.

Dysplasia causes the ball and socket joint of these areas to rub against each other, instead of sliding smoothly, causing severe pain and increases the risk of the Pugsky developing arthritis and possibly losing mobility and function within the joints.

4. Dermatitis

While the iconic skinfolds of pugs are adorable, they can lead to extreme dermatological conditions if not cared for properly.

One such condition is dermatitis that can cause painful infections and even lead to hair loss at times.

Keeping all these medical complications in mind, if you choose to get a Husky Pug Mix, you need to be prepared for regular visits with the vet to ensure your pup is living its best and healthiest life.


The Hug Dog’s Exercise and Training

Exercise and training are quintessential when it comes to owning a pet.

Hug dogs are a unique breed that has specific requirements when it comes to their exercise and training.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled what you need to know about their activity and grooming right here!

1. Exercise

Hug dogs are energetic and love to play. Since the energy levels between the Husky and the Pug are different, you need to measure the endurance required for their growth.

Generally, the Pug Husky mix will require 90 minutes of dedicated exercise every day.

From playing fetch to running around the park, Hug dogs enjoy any and every activity and will surely get you up and moving as well.

However, if your hug dog takes after the brachycephalic nature of its pug parent, we recommend that you keep a check on them throughout the exercise and do not overwork them.

2. Training

The Pug Husky mix is an intelligent and quick to learn breed. However, they have a certain streak of stubbornness when it comes to being trained.

While this is a friendly and social dog, your pugsky will require thorough training to ensure a mannered pet.

  • Positive Reinforcement

The pugsky will enjoy being trained and will respond well in a positive environment.

Be sure to praise and appreciate their achievements to encourage their learning process.

  • Socialization Training

Encourage socializing with pets and children so that your Hug dog adapts to environments quickly and does not display hostile behavior.

Well trained Hug dogs will be easier to keep as pets, so training them properly is highly advised.

Training plays an integral part in your dog’s compatibility as a pet.

So, if you cannot keep up with their stubbornness, we recommend getting professional trainers so they can help you with training your dog.


Grooming of a Husky and Pug Mix

With the husky and Pug mix being high maintenance in terms of grooming, you will need to cater to their hygienic needs after assessing their features.

Here’s a list of grooming activities you need to be vigilant about for your Corgi Pug Mix.

  1. Both a Pug and husky are heavy shedders, so you need to brush your pup regularly at least twice a week.
  2. Clean their ears and the ear canal thoroughly every week.
  3. If your Hug dog has inherited the Pug skinfolds, then you need to clean them thoroughly every other day to prevent infections.
  4. Take care of their paws regularly.
  5. Bathe your Hug dog if you find your pup starting to smell; if they are more after a husky, try to bath them less.
  6. Trim their nails every four weeks.
  7. Take care of their teeth and brush them properly every day.



1. How much does it cost to buy husky and Pug mix puppies?

Depending on the age of the Husky Pug puppies and their breeder, they can cost anywhere from $1230 – $2000.

Designer breeds are often on the pricier end because of the breeder’s reputation.

2. Is a hug dog right for your family?

The Hug dog is an excellent family dog due to its warm nature. However, they will need to be well socialized to prevent any hostility around strangers or new pets.

Due to their friendly and attention-craving nature, they love playing with children, be aware to get them some toys and chewing items to keep them busy while you are not along with them.


So, Should You Get a Hug Dog?

If you’re looking for a loving, affectionate pup that’s always playful around you, the Pug and husky mix is your best choice.

From families to having other pets, Pugskies love being around their owners all the time and will never leave your side.