The Best Clothes for a Pug Dog [ Stylish and Functional]

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Have you ever looked at your pug and thought, he would just be cuter if he was wearing clothes? You’re not alone.

Many people have found the advantages of pugs and clothes and there are lots of great clothes to choose from.

Here are some of the best clothes for a pug dog and how you can choose the best one for your pug.

Quick Pick of the Best Clothes for Your Pugs

Best Clothes for Pugs

We know how fun it is to dress up your pug, so we tried out lots of clothes on the market to decide what are the best options for clothing your pug.

1. iChoue Pet Clothes Dog Hoodie Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt

Best for pugs who don’t fit well in other types of jackets and need a casual sweater to keep them warm


  • Sizes to fit dogs from 15 lb to 60 lb
  • Choose between brown, dark red, green, gray, light blue, navy, and yellow
  • Sweatshirt style jacket

Who is this for?

This stylish sweatshirt is designed specifically for dogs who have a wide chest, such as the pug.

It is the perfect choice for pugs who often get chilly and need something comfortable and easy to wear.

If you want your pug to be able to wear their sweatshirt most of the day, this is a great choice.


This sweatshirt is soft and warm to keep your pug cozy on colder days.

The material is resistant to shrinking. Made of 95% cotton and 5% polyester.

There is a gasket under the zipper that keeps you from accidentally getting your dog’s hair caught when you pull up the zipper.

Specially made with a wider shoulder and chest area for the comfort of your pug’s unique build.

The cute little pocket on the hoodie that is a contrasting color in most of the color choices.


Arms do not fit all dogs correctly.

The front zipper is a little bit difficult to put on.

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2. Idepet Pet Dog Classic Knitwear Sweater Fleece Coat

Best clothes for pugs on a budget


  • Sizes for dogs with a chest hurt from 13.3 in to 221.7 in
  • Black, blue, gray, navy, pink, red, and yellow
  • Sweatshirt jacket

Who is this for?

This is a very affordable sweatshirt style jacket that usually works great on pug-shaped dogs.

There is a wide neck area to accommodate your dog’s throat so that this sweater won’t put any pressure on your dog’s airway.

If you want a comfortable, light sweatshirt for your dog at a very reasonable price, this is a good option.


This simple sweatshirt is free of zippers and buttons so it might be a safer choice for dogs who tend to chew on their clothes

Playful and stylish doggy sweatshirt which is a fun way to keep your dog warm on chilly days.

The wide neck does a good job of accommodating your pug’s throat.

Very affordable option, especially considering that it is made of 100% cotton.


Lack of zipper or buttons can make it difficult to put the sweatshirt on, especially if your dog is wiggly.

Tight on some pug’s arms.

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3. Chol&Vivi Dog Shirts Blank Clothes, 2pcs Dog T-Shirts Apparel

Best Clothes for Pugs Who Need a T-shirt or Two


  • Sizes for a back length of 8 in up to a back length of over 25 in
  • Two packs include color choices black and dark green, black and gray, black and white, blue and purple, light blue and green, pink and rose red, and red and orange
  • Short sleeve and light T-shirt

Who is this for?

This fun little T-shirt comes at a great price for two shirts. If you’re looking for a comfy way to dress up your pug, these shirts might be perfect for you.

This is a great standard t-shirt for pugs who wear clothes most of the time.

It may keep your pug a little bit warmer but won’t be too warm for your pug’s comfort most of the time.


The high-quality cotton fabric that this t-shirt is made out of is both comfortable and breathable.

A classic style that looks great on most pugs.

Wide neck will be comfortable for your pug.

Two for one so you get two awesome t-shirts for a very reasonable price.


Some pugs find that the armholes are too narrow for their comfort.

This T-shirt will shrink a little bit over time.

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4. Koneseve Dog Shirt, Pet Plaid Polo Clothes Shirt

Best Clothes for Pugs Who Enjoy Plaid


  • Sizes for dogs from 2 lb to 100 lb
  • Three plaid color choices: blue, green, and red
  • Button-down collared short-sleeve shirt

Who is this for?

If you think your pug would look cute in plaid, you’ll love this adorable little shirt.

The shirt is easy for you to put on and off with the simple snap button closure.

If you think your pug needs even more room at the throat, you can leave the top button unlatched. 


Stylish plaid appearance in three different color options.

Natural cotton fabric is soft and breathable.

Easy to put on with three buttons. The top button can be left undone if your pug needs more room for their throat.


Many pugs will need to have the top button unclasped in order for this to fit comfortably.

May be too long for some pug’s short frames

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5. Gooby – Fleece Vest, Small Dog Pullover Fleece Jacket with Leash Ring

Best Clothes for Pugs to Go for a Walk


  • Sizes to fit dogs with chests of 10 in to 18.5 in.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors and color combinations including black, several shades of blue, mustard, pink and peach, lime green, red, and turquoise.
  • Fleece pullover which can also serve as a harness

Who is this for?

If you want your dog to be stylish and comfortable and also have an easy way to walk them, you’ll love this fleece pullover.

This sturdy pullover is strong enough to walk well-behaved dogs but comfortable enough for your dog to wear all the time.

Stop struggling with jackets and harnesses. Just put on the leash and you’re ready to go.


Comes in an incredibly wide range of colors and color combinations.

100% polyester keeps moisture out so your dog will be comfortable even in inclement weather.

Slips on and off very easily.

Large armholes are comfortable for your dog.

Machine washable.


May not be secure enough to hold all dogs and may rip with regular walking.

Can be difficult for some people to get on their pug if they have a particularly wiggly dog.

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Brief conclusion

Let’s face it, pugs can be even cuter in clothes. Sometimes clothes are even functional by providing your pug with warmth or doubling as a harness with which to walk them.

Carefully considered your pug’s needs in order to choose the best clothes for them.