Everything You Need To Know About a Corgi Pug Mix

If you have fallen prey to the heart-melting pictures of pug and corgi mix puppies and are considering getting one, you’re in the right place.

I’ve broken down all that you need to know about them, including:

  • The History and Characteristics of a Corgi Pug Mix
  • The Corgi Pug Mix’s Behavior and Personality
  • Health Issues of a Pug and Corgi Mix
  • How much does a Corgi Pug Mix cost
  • And so much more

Let’s get started!

Best Dog Collar for Sensitive Skin and Necks

Best Dog Collar for Sensitive Skin and NecksCollars continually lay around your dog’s neck, which can be a big problem if your dog is allergic.

Maybe you’ve noticed some itching, hair loss, or overall irritation.

If you have a pooch with sensitive skin or neck, you’re in the right place.

Learning the types of materials that will keep your dog in tip-top shape is crucial.

Let’s go over what options you have as well as the best dog collars for sensitive skin and necks.

Best Dog Food for High Triglycerides| Low Fat Food for Dogs

Best Dog Food for High Triglycerides

Just like us, canines have health issues sometimes. If your vet has thrown around terms like “high triglyceride”, you’re probably trying to educate yourself as much as possible.

I’m sure you know by now that diet is the primary key to getting triglycerides within a normal range.