How To Clean Pug Wrinkles? An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Pugs are famously wrinkly pups. That’s what makes them so adorable.

But those super cute fat rolls and skin folds need regular cleaning to prevent bacterial buildup and infection.

If you’re worried about your Pug’s skin health, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to be discussing everything you need to know about cleaning your Pug’s wrinkles.

Where Are Pug Wrinkles Located?

Apart from looking super cute, Pugs have wrinkles because they have been bread that way. All Pugs have wrinkles – black, fawn, silver, you name it. These guys are born to be wrinkly.

Most typically, a Pug’s wrinkles can be found around the forehead and muzzle area. No one Pug will have the same combination of skin folds and wrinkles. They are all totally unique.

Just like us, a Pug’s wrinkles will become more pronounced with time and age. As a Pug matures, their wrinkles become deeper and more noticeable.

Why You Need To Clean Your Pug’s Folds and Wrinkles

As well as being adorable, a Pug’s folds and wrinkles are a haven for bacteria and yeast. As such, it is super important to keep these areas extremely clean. Without regular cleaning, these areas are at risk of infection. And that’s not pleasant for you or your Pug.

As Pug owners, we need to be prepared to clean all those folds. That means nose wrinkles, armpit crevices, and all of their unique wrinkles. It may not sound glamorous but it’s essential for keeping your precious pooch in tip-top health.

Are There Any Risks?

Yes. When a Pug’s wrinkles are not cleansed sufficiently, they run into a serious risk of infection.

All Pugs are susceptible to infection, but the wrinklier the more care you’ll need to take. The most common infection is a skin yeast infection.

Yeast multiplies in dirty or moist wrinkle folds, resulting in allergies, and infections.

Symptoms of yeast infection in Pugs:

  • A strong or unusual odor (often described as a musty type smell)
  • Skin irritation, red or inflamed areas
  • Clear or white-colored discharge
  • Itching the face or rubbing skin along with carpets

If you notice one, or more, of these symptoms, it’s likely that your Pug has an infection. Most often, mild infections can be treated at home using over-the-counter antifungals. In more serious cases, your vet may prescribe antibiotics or prescription antifungal medications.

The best way to avoid such problems in the first place is to stick to a regular cleaning regimen for your Pug. So, without further ado, let’s discuss how to clean your Pug’s folds.

How To Clean Your Pug’s Folds

The key to Pug skin hygiene is keeping those folds and flaps clean and dry. Everything from food residue to sweat, moisture, and bacteria get trapped in these nooks and crannies. So regular cleaning is of utmost importance.

Cleaning your Pug’s wrinkles need not be a difficult or time-consuming process. In fact, why not treat it as a bonding time for you and your Pug each day?

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Prepare your tools

All you need to clean your Pug’s wrinkles are:

  • a soft cloth or wipe
  • tissue for drying
  • some motivational treats
  • and a natural moisturizer (coconut oil is great)

2. Inspect the wrinkles

Before cleaning anything, inspect those wrinkles. Look for any signs of irritation and take note of any strange odors. If signs of infection persist over a few days, ask your vet to recommend you some medicated treatments. If your Pug’s skin is severely irritated hold off on cleaning until the area has been treated. If everything’s looking hunky-dory, then you can safely proceed to the next step.

3. Gently clean the folds

Take a soft, damp cloth (or unscented baby wipe) and gently part your Pug’s folds. Wipe in between each wrinkle, being careful not to miss any. Be extra careful in delicate or sensitive areas such as around the eyes. And don’t forget about the ears – bacteria love to build up here too.

Top-tip: avoid any scented products or products containing alcohol. These products may irritate your Pug’s skin. Water wipes or a damp cloth are best.

4. Dry thoroughly

This is a super important step. You must dry each area thoroughly to prevent bacteria from building up after cleaning. And moisture leftover will encourage further bacterial growth. Use a soft tissue or cloth to gently dry the area.

5. Reward time

To ensure that your Pug sees their daily cleaning ritual as a positive time, offer them a small treat and lots of praise throughout the cleaning process. A bit of fuss will go a long way. Some Pugs are not particularly fond of cleaning, but a treat and some cuddles might just convince them it’s worth the effort after all.

Top-tip: Depending on your Pug’s temperament, you may need to be a bit patient with them. Some Pugs will not enjoy the cleaning process. They may feel anxious or scared (especially if they have had a negative experience in the past). Give your Pug time and plenty of reassurance and praise.

6. Protect

Once the cleaning is done, it’s worth helping your Pug out with some added protection. Pugs are prone to wrinkle infections so they’ll need all the help they can get. Look for a soothing water-resistant balm that will protect your Pug’s folds from bacteria. This should keep them ticking over until tomorrow’s clean.

How Often Should I Clean My Pug’s Wrinkles?

We’ve been hinting at it already,cleaning your pet’s wrinkles during baths alone is not enough. We advise cleaning those wrinkles at least three times a week.

But daily cleaning is the best way to avoid any more vet visits. You’ll be keeping that yeast and bacteria at bay and your Pug’s skin healthy. Wiping down those wrinkles daily can be done and dusted in no time at all.

On top of daily cleaning, make sure you’re checking the condition of your Pug’s skin regularly.

Look out for signs of infection like redness or inflammation. As soon as you notice symptoms, visit your vet and start treatment. It’s better to beat infections early.

Keep Those Pug Wrinkles Spick and Span

Keeping your Pug’s wrinkles and folds clean need not be time-consuming.

Taking just a few minutes out of each day could save you and your Pug a lot of future irritation (pardon the pun).

Pugs are prone to skin infections, but with a little hygiene TLC, your little pal will be fighting fit.

Check out this helpful video for a step-by-step guide on how to clean your Pug’s wrinkles.