The 16 Cutest Pugs In The World

Today we’re going to be reveling in a cuteness overload. We all know Pugs are seriously cute. So, imagine just how cute the cutest Pugs in the world must be!

Well, today we’re going to find out exactly that.

We’ve selected 16 of the cutest Pugs in the world to share with you. From the angelic to the downright cheeky, each of these precious Pugs has their own unique charm.

So get comfy, grab a cup of joe, and get ready for some serious cuteness.

16 Cutest Pugs in the World

These sixteen Pugs have gained public acclaim for their stellar looks and personalities. Some are Instagram famous, others have actually won competitions.

Despite their differences, there’s one thing these guys have in common.

Yup, you guessed it, they are undeniably gorgeous!

1. Mr. Eddie – The Expressionist

Mr. Eddie is an internet superstar. He’s a seriously goofy guy with bags of charm. I mean, just look at those eyes. Eddie lives in Miami, Florida with his Pug parents and is known for his hilarious array of facial expressions. No wonder, Eddie already has over 4000 followers!

To stay up with Mr. Eddie’s adventures, follow him on Instagram @sillytalkswitheddie

2. Igor Pug Dog and Zombie Pug – The True Canadians

These two Pugs hail from Canada (if you hadn’t guessed already).

Igor and Zombie aren’t just pretty faces. Not only are the pair seriously cute, and excellent dressers, but they’re also incredibly charitable too!

Igor Pugdog and Zombie Pug help surrendered Pugs find loving forever homes in Toronto, Canada via Pugalug Pug Rescue.

So, why not give these cuties some support on Instagram @igorpugdog

3. Pug Dudley – The Cutest Pug in the UK

Meet Pug Dudley. Dudley is a two-year-old Pug from Cheddleton, Staffordshire, and was recently named the UK’s cutest dog in honor of International Dog Day.

That’s right. Dudley isn’t just the UK’s cutest Pug, he’s beaten all the other breeds and come out on top.

Impressive, right?

For more of Dudley and his many escapades check out @cuddlydudleypug on Instagram.

4. Fugaechan – The Scarved Pug

We think Fugaechan is simply the cutest little Pug ever.  As pictured above, Fugaechan is wearing a gorgeous little headscarf number in honor of Japan’s National Pug day.

Check out @fugaechan on Instagram for even more heart-melting snapshots into this little Pug’s life and plenty more sticky-out tongue moments.

5. Sir Axle Rod – The Suave Pug

Sir Alex Rod is about as cool as they come in the Pug world. This six-year-old Pug is legitimately  Insta-famous with 14k followers and counting.

One thing’s very clear. This Pug loves the camera. And when Sir Alex isn’t looking suave, he’s bringing all the cuteness with his silly poses and beaming smile.

Serious cuteness.

See more of Sir Alex Rod on Instagram @siralexrodthepug

6. Ollie – The Cute-as-a-Button Pug

Have you ever seen a more angelic-looking Pug puppy?

Meet Ollie (otherwise known as @ollie.pug)

Ollie lives in SA with Mollie the Dachshund.

As you can see for yourself, Ollie is as cute as they come with huge round eyes and the sweetest little face and paws.

This fawn Pug will have you and your friends feeling all the puppy love.

I could almost weep.

7. Jackson Jr – The Model Pug

This is Jackson Junior (@jacksonjunior.pug). Jackson was born in 2016 and lives with his mom who is a TV camera woman. Not only is Jackson oh-so-cute, but his mom is also a dab hand at photography, making for a stunning feed full of heartwarming, hilarious Pug pics.

8. Olsson Mopsen – The Swedish Pug with a Hollywood Smile

Just look at that beaming grin!

This is Olsson Mopson. Otherwise known as the Pirate Pug.

Olsson loves woodland walks and traipsing through the Swedish snow with his parents.

Olsson’s killer smile has won the affection of thousands and he now has a whopping 17.2k Instagram followers and counting.

Follow Olssons adventures at @olsson_mopsen

9. Loulou the Pug

You’ll have to take a trip to the Netherlands to meet this cute little lady.

Loulou (@pugloulou)  is glamorous and seriously photogenic. In fact, she’s somewhat of a model herself. Loulou has been featured in her very own photo book Loulou the Pug which is available to buy on Amazon.

The book features photographs of Loulou wearing the cutest costumes and hosts some of her most popular Instagram shots.

10. Homer Pugalicious

Let’s cross over the ocean to Australia for a moment to meet the absolutely fabulous Homer Pugalicious.

Homer is arguably Australia’s most stylish Pug. He’s suave, sophisticated, and somewhat of a Pug influencer.

If Pugs in stylish outfits float your boat then you’ll simply love Homer’s Instagram platform @homerpugalicious. Outfit requests are always welcome!

11. Mack –  The Adventure Pug

What could be cuter than Pugs wrapped up warm in stunning locations?

Well, that’s exactly what Mack the Pug is all about.

Mack is an outdoorsy chap who loves adventuring into the wilderness in the safety of his owner’s backpack (no strenuous exercise for this previous Pug).

Mack looks cute as a punch in his weather-resistant goggles and winter jacket, don’t you think?

Follow Mack’s adventures at @pugventurephoto

12. Timmy O’Pug – The Senior Pug

Timmy O’Pug was adopted as a senior and remains as cute as a puppy. Timmy has a way of making everyone smile. Despite his mobility issues, Timmy lives every day with joy. He even has his own set of wheels to help him get around and enjoy life to the fullest.

Timmy lives in Chicago with his human parents and brother Eli.

For more of Timmy O’Pug check out his Instagram page @timmyopug

13. Nala – The YouTuber Pug

Any fans of social media stars, Joe Sugg and Alfie Deyes will recognize their gorgeous Pug Nala.

Five-year-old Nala lives with the couple in Brighton, where she gets up to all sorts of Pug mischief. But, most of all, Nala is a bonafide cutie.

Nala is following in her parent’s footsteps with her very own Instagram influencer platform @apugcallednala.

14. Beans – The Cheeky Chappy Pug

Beans is the cheekiest Pug on the internet and his antics have already gotten him a whopping 47.3k followers on Instagram (@pugbeans).

Beans has goofy faces galore, big pleading eyes, and a serious silly streak.

At the end of the day, you can’t help but love him.

15. Pablo, Winston, and Stanley – The Terrible Trio

What’s cuter than one Pug… well… three of course!

Pablo, Winston, and Stanley of @thatpugpablo are like the three musketeers of the Pug world. They do absolutely everything together from napping to road trip adventures.

On things for sure, this trio is inseparable.

16. Puggy Smalls – The Hipster Pug

Warning. This Pug may be cooler than you.

Puggy Smalls has attitude in abundance and loves to wear the latest fashions.

He’s a serious cutey with an extra little bit of sass.

Puggy Smalls loves an oversized tee as much as a gold chain.

He’s even been spotted in a fetching Hawaiian shirt.

For more fashion tips check out Puggy Small at @thepuggysmalls.

Who’s The Cutest Pug in The World?

So, there you have it.

Which one is your cutest Pug in the world?

For me?

My Sid is sooo cute and of course, I love all the Pugs in the world.


Images from Instagram

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