5 Best Bond-Building Ball Toys for Pugs [2023]

best ball toys for pugs

When choosing a new ball for your Pug, you should take into consideration many elements.

Things like material, size, durability, and even color all come into play.

Pugs are Brachycephalic (flat-faced), which means they have special needs most dog breeds don’t face (pun intended).

For example, the best ball for your Pug needs to allow good air flow so your dog can breathe.

Best Treats for Pugs of 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]

best treats for pugs

Treats are one thing your pug is probably never going to turn them down.

But as with anything in the market, there are fantastic and not-so-great options for your pug.

There are ingredients that companies use that are bad, even dangerous for your pug.

It’s best to keep yourself informed so you can be sure to steer clear.

I want to share with you what treats to avoid and which ones to try out.

I picked three of the best treats for pugs—Sid approves.

Best Shampoo for Pugs To Fit Various Skin Types

best shampoo for pugs

When it comes to bath time for your pug, you may be wondering what products are safe to use.

Shampoos can have potentially harmful chemicals or otherwise ineffective formulas.

It’s best to learn your pug’s skin type or sensitivities and what shampoos could potentially harm your pug.

I’ve done my research and found five terrific products to try out. And I also have some tips on what to avoid.

Check out my picks for the best shampoo for pugs!

Best Bowls for Pugs| Hassle Free Feeding in [2023]

best bowls for pugs

There are many conflicting ideas about what a dog bowl is supposed to do for your Pug.

Should your pug have a raised bowl? A tilted bowl? A low-sitting bowl?

When it comes to our brachycephalic buddies, eating is a little awkward.

Imagine trying to lap up dinner from a deep bowl as flat as your face.

When it comes to pug dining at my house, I have found some that work really well where others fail. I rounded up 5 of the best bowls for Pugs I could find.

Let’s dive in.

Best Car Seats for Pugs to Stay Safe on Trips

Little dogs like pugs can really get whipped around on car rides. When it comes to abrupt stops, windy ways, or bumpy roads, they need security to protect them from bouncing around. You may not be too familiar