Are Pugs Smart or Dumb? Here’s What Makes Them Intelligent Dogs

are pugs smart

If you’re thinking of getting a Pug, you’ve probably been asking: are Pugs smart? Rumour has it that Pugs aren’t the brightest of the bunch.

But don’t let this put you off. What they lack in instinct they make up for in adaptability. Are Pugs dumb? Absolutely not. Pugs are A-grade students.

Adopt Pugs| Complete US Pug Rescues List & How to Choose

Pug Rescues in the US

If you are planning to welcome a Pug from a pug rescue, you will love this guide.  Today I’ll discuss:

  • is it wise to adopt a Pug from pug rescues
  • the ins and outs of pug rescues
  • how to choose the right Pug rescue organization
  • a full list of Pug rescues in the US
  • and more

Let’s dive in.

Pug Colors – All the Different Types of Pugs Can Be


Do you have a pug that is not a fawn or black color, or are you looking for a pug of a rare color?

There are many different coat colors that a pug can be, with most pugs being fawn or black.

In this article, we will discover all the possible Pug colors and types that your dog can have.

Let’s get started.

Everything You Need To Know About The Black Pug


The black Pug has taken everyone by storm with its playful demeanor and adorable features.

Today, I’ve compiled everything you need to know about black Pugs, including:

  • A black Pug’s general features
  • A black Pug’s life span
  • Black Pug vs fawn Pug
  • The health and nutrition of a black Pug
  • How much does a black Pug cost
  • Common health issues of a black Pug
  • And so much more

Let’s take a look into the world of black Pugs!