Best Car Seats for Pugs to Stay Safe on Trips

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best car seats for pugs

Little dogs like pugs can really get whipped around on car rides.

When it comes to abrupt stops, windy ways, or bumpy roads, they need security to protect them from bouncing around.

You may not be too familiar with which different aspects to check out when you’re shopping.

That’s okay! With the help of my pug, Sid, we did the hard work for you.

If you’re wondering which dog car seat is the best for pugs, I’ve checked out a few models and hand-picked five for your consideration.

Pug Car Seat: Key Takeaways

1. 65% of pet owners had been distracted by their pets during driving, a car seat for dogs keeps you from distracted driving.

2. Keep your pug in a secure areaof the car to protect both them and you while driving.

3. Strapping your pug in will prevent being thrown in the cab if a hard stop, quick turn, or accident occurs.

4. A booster seat is the best choice which allows your Pugs to see outside scenery during riding.  But if that causes them to get over excited, you might opto for a shorter option.

5. Having a car seat that your pug properly fits in will keep them comfortable. Remember to consider both weight and length when ordering.

6. Car seats help with travel anxiety. It provides a safe space when everything around them is moving.

7. Buy a car seat that is extremely easy to clean. If your pug gets sick or makes any messes in the car, it won’t be on your seats or carpets.

8. Remember to keep your pug in the back seat, if possible. If your airbags deploy, it could very seriously injure or prove fatalfor your pug.

9. Before buying, make sure that the car seat will be compatible with your vehicle seats. Check the dimensions and measurements as well as the way it secures inside your car.

Best Car Seats for Pugs: Quick Picks

Why You Should Buy Car Seats for Pugs

1. Helps with Travel Anxiety

If your pug isn’t sure about road trips, keeping them in a car seat is a beautiful way to give them a safe space to calm down.

If they are cozy and stationary, they can relax without wandering around the cab, not sure where to go or what to do.

Keep You from Distracted Driving!

Can you imagine that 8 people out of 1,100 lost their lives because of distracted driving?

According to the study of AAA & Kurgo Pet Passenger Survey, 65% of pet owners had been distracted by their pets during driving.

Investing in a car seat for dogs keeps you from distracted driving.

2. Keeps Them Safe on the Road

If you’re driving abruptly, your pug can go flying across the car.

Quick braking, sharp turns, and collisions can throw your pug, and it’s hard to tell what they will hit or where they will end up.

They could even cause an accident themselves if they get under your feet while you’re driving.

AAA & Kurgo Pet Passenger Survey announced that:

“Use of a pet restraint is three times greater among people who have heard of situations where unrestrained dogs were injured or caused injury to other passengers in a car crash (32%), compared to respondents who are not aware of such a situation (9%).”

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Contains Messes

In the event of throwing up, having an accident, or chewing up an object in tiny pieces, having a car seat contains the mess.

Many car seats will be machine or hand-washable, making it easy to wash off the debris.

Better for the mess to be in their area and not between the seats of your car.

Best Kinds of Car Seats for Pugs

Our special pugs may require a tailor-made car seat that keeps them safe and happy.

  • Harness Straps

To prevent stress to the neck or a collapsed trachea, a harness attachment is best.

Since our beloved pugs are brachycephalic, safety straps that connect to the harness rather than a collar won’t cause unnecessary injury.

  • Raised Bed

Raised beds are best only for pugs who suffer from motion sickness.

Having a raised bed allows them to look out at the scenery and enjoy the ride.

If your pug gets sick in the car, having a bucket seat that doesn’t obstruct their view would be more suitable.

  • Correct Size

You’ll want your pug to feel at home in their seat.

Ensuring they fit comfortably in the seat and are safely secure will make car ride experiences much better.

How Can You Choose the Best Car Seat for Pugs?

Choosing the best car seat for your pug will come down to size, comfortability, safety, and convenience.

You will want to keep these main points in mind during your shopping experience.

1. Appropriate Fit

Not only will you want to make sure your pug will fit snugly in their comfy seat, but you also need to determine if the seat will fit in your car.

Some models will simply strap in with your seatbelt while others fit around the seat.

Always check the length and weight of your pug.

Measure your seat and check for any special requirements to install the seat.

2. Lounging in Comfort

Many seats will have a generous cushion for a great lounging experience.

The seat may be lined with Sherpa, fleece, or another soft material.

If you opt for a model without a soft lining, you can always make sure it’s big enough to fit their favorite blankets.

3. Keeping Safe

Car seats will have safety harnesses or clips that fit your pug.

They allow a limited range of motion to keep them in one spot.

The safety straps prevent your pug from projecting out in the event of a hard stop or fender bender.

Appropriately fitting straps prevent any hazard from occurring while you’re using the seat, such as strangulation.

4. Convenience

You’ll want a car seat that is easy to install and simple to clean.

A seat that is difficult to use will waste time when you’re ready to go.

Most dog car seats are easily wipeable or washable.

Simple clean up keeps away odors and leaves the material fresh.

5 Best Car Seats for Pugs

1. Overall favorite—Devoted Doggy Deluxe Booster Seat

My favorite pick of all was the Devoted Doggy Deluxe Booster seat.It’s modestly priced, easy to install, and is an ideal size.

Sid fit perfectly into the design, and it was a breeze to secure him inside.

The connections fit easily over my back seat, securing the basket efficiently.

It boosts him up slightly, giving him just enough leverage to see outside at the scenery.

The clasp fits tightly to the pug’s harness, which is essential here.

If the attachment was longer, he could jump and hang from the side.

So, the give is just enough for appropriate movement.The measurements of the basket are 16 by 14 by 8 inches.

A very obese pug may be too snug to fit inside, but it worked well for my full-size, 15-pound pug.

The security straps to anchor the seat may not be compatible with all backseats.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to secure
  • Comfy and safe
    • May not be as comfortable for heavy pugs

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2. Beat for Young Pugs—FANCYDELI Dog Car Booster Seat 

This FANCYDELI Dog Car Booster Seat is an attractive option for smaller pugs.

The maximum weight of this design is 15-pounds.

So, if you have a more miniature pug or puppy, this is a real bargain.It comes with a few extras that come in handy.

It has a collapsible bowl for water or food and readily prepared poop bags with the dispenser.

The plush-lining is extremely easy to remove and clean.

The whole design is made of a collapsible metal frame so you can store it away when you’re not using it.

It only takes a few minutes to slip over your seat and secure your vehicle.

It sits high up enough that your pug can explore the view.


  • Ideal for pugs under 15 pounds
  • Completely collapsible design
  • Washable plush lining
  • Compatible with many seats
    • Not for pugs exceeding 15 pounds

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3.Most comfortable—Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

The Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is ultra-comfortable for your pug.

It has excellent depth, incredibly soft lining, and reliable fabric.

The interior lining traps hair and debris while the outside lining is hair-repellent.

This keeps the outside from catching hair, potentially getting it on your car seats.

This design comes in several attractive color choices, and all of them have a food compartment inside.

This seat holds up to 25 pounds, which should be more than enough for your pug.

Sid had much extra space and loved stepping up to look around. The dimensions are 19 by 22 by 17 inches.

I liked this model because it comes with fitted straps so that you can connect the seat to your center console in some vehicles.

But if you own a more destructive pug, they may be able to do some damage to this seat.


  • Very soft and washable interior
  • Several pattern choices
  • Storage compartment
    • Destructive pug may chew through fabric

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4. Best Lowest Seat—BLOBLO Dog Car Seat 

I really enjoyed this adorable little BLOBLO Dog Car Seat. The overall design and build is charming and comfortable.

It is made of a durable Oxford fabric that handles quite a bit of wear and tear.

There are convenient little elastic side pockets for storage.

This is a lower sitting seat that lays directly on your seat with no additional boost.

This is definitely a lounging pad for the car, not for a curious pug who wants to see out the window the whole time.

It does have very cozy padding, and Sid loved napping on it.

The straps easily adjust to your seat so you can secure it on properly.

This may be the ultimate pick for lazy pups who just want to snooze on road trips.


  • Extra cozy
  • Bed style
  • Storage side-pockets
  • Fluffy inside, oxford fabric on the outside
    • Curious pugs can’t see up as high

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5.Best Elevated Seat—K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Seat 

What I love about this K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Seat is that it fits in virtually any car.

You simply put the seat belt through the back pull-through area and snap it in.

It stays stationary, fitting against your backseat without becoming unstable.

It fits up high enough to give your pug a broad view of its surroundings.

The security leash attachment is easy to apply to any harness.

You can remove the excellent 600 Denier Nylon cover fabric and wash it at your leisure.

This style of car seat doesn’t fold down. So if you plan on storing this away when you aren’t using it, it will take up space.

One impressive aspect of this car seat is that the company shows confidence in their product by offering a one-year limited warranty.


  • Fits virtually any car
  • Made of 600 denier nylon
  • One-year product guarantee
    • Doesn’t condense

>> Check Price on Amazon <<


1. What other options do you have when traveling with pugs?

If your pug doesn’t care for a car seat, you have other options.

  • Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses attach to the seatbelts of your car.

This keeps your pug in place, but it won’t protect your seats from clawing, chewing, messes, and other damage.

If you have a well-behaved pug who likes to get the full car ride experience, they may enjoy a harness more.

  • Pet Carrier

A pet carrier will completely enclose your pet and obstruct their view.

While this does keep your pug safe inside, you will want to secure the carrier to make sure it can’t slide around.

2. How safe are pug car seats?

With proper installation, car seats are incredibly safe and effective.

They prevent your pug from being thrown about the cab, which prevents injury and death.


It is interesting to see the variety of designs and features companies have to offer with safety restraints.

Car seats are a terrific investment to keep your pet safe on the road.

Hopefully, you could find the best car seat for pugs that will keep your guy or gal happy in the car.