5 Toys for Pugs that Are Must-Haves in [2023]

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best toys for pugs

If your pug is anything like mine, playtime is their favorite part of the day.

Having a wide selection of breed-appropriate toys will be an excellent outlet for energy.

Plus, it teaches your pooch not to chew on your stuff.

Sid knows when a toy his, which has been super helpful to keep him from tearing up things he isn’t supposed to.

In this guide, I talk about the best toys for pugs and the potential dangers of not-so-great toys.

I hand-picked five toys to add to your pug’s collection. Let’s take a look!

Pug Toys: Key Takeaways

When it comes to buying toys for your pug, here is a recap of some things you should keep in mind.

  • Always get the appropriate material that matches your pug’s destruction level. For example, getting toys that are too soft won’t last for aggressive chewers, leading to frequent replacements.
  • Steer clear of plastic chipping, sharp internal components, and small pieces that your dog can swallow. If your pug accidentally eats part of their toy, it can wind up costing an arm and a leg in vet bills.
  • Toys provide mental stimulation and physical exercise for your pug. Having a variety of choices will spark their attention, so they don’t chew up their human’s valuables.
  • Playtime should always be supervised, especially with more than one dog involved.

Best Toys for Pugs: Quick Picks

How Can Your Pug Benefit from Toys?

Having a wide variety of toys can keep your pug’s interest for hours. Of course, they love entertainment, but there’s a lot more to it.

  • Appropriate Chewing

Let’s face it—you don’t want your pug chewing up your favorite pair of heels or the trim in your house.

Providing them with toys to toss around diverts their attention so they can gnaw on something other than your belongings.

  • Mental Stimulation

Dog’s thrive on mental stimuli. If they don’t have anything to occupy them, it could lead to destructive tendencies.

Having a toy helps channel their energy and satisfy their mind.

  • Healthy Play

I can’t speak for all dogs, but if I buy my pug Sid a toy—he knows it’s all his. That gives him the motivation to play with “his” things and less desire to destroy mine.

Which Are Safe Toys for Pugs?

There are a few aspects to keep in mind when it comes to the safety of your pug’s toys.

A lot of these factors will depend on the age of your pug.

When Sid was very small, he chewed a lot! It took some time and training to get him to realize what he could and couldn’t chew on.

  • For Puppy Pugs

Nylabones and teething toys work wonders. Steer clear of toys that are too soft or have stuffing, as they can rip it apart and swallow the contents.

Try to avoid toys with small pieces or sharp bits, too. Puppies will eat anything they can get their little chompers on.

  • For Young Adult Pugs

For young adults who are moderately active, no-stuffing chew toys, durable rubber balls and cones, and well-stitched plush toys are excellent choices.

I like to stay clear of rope toys for Sid because he tends to shred them and that could lead to bowel obstructions or choking.

  • For Older Pugs

Older pugs may prefer to cuddle over play, so getting them a soft, squishy toy may serve as a great cuddle buddy at nap and bedtime.

Which Toys Can Be Dangerous for Pugs?

You may think that if it’s a dog toy, it’s automatically safe.

But even though certain toys are labeled “dog toys”, it doesn’t mean they’re suitable for your pug.

When you buy a toy, beware of:

  • Sharp edges
  • Small pieces
  • Foreign internal components
  • Toxic materials
  • Choking hazards

Swallowing or chewing on certain materials can lead to pricy vet bills—or worse. It can cost you the life of your pet.

What to Look for in Pug Toys

Of course, having a big selection of objects will cater to your pug’s attention.

But you will want to look for a few things when you’re browsing for new toys.

1. Features

Dog toys can offer a few different features that make them more appealing to your pug.

And it will vary depending on individual personality.

Some key features include:

  • Bright colors
  • Different textures
  • Squeakers or noisemakers
  • Flashing lights
  • Vibrational settings
  • Treat dispensers

2. Material

Material is a vital component. If you’re trying to persuade your pug to chew on a toy instead of your couch, you’ll do best with an incredibly durable rubber or silicone.

If your pug is a mild chewer and a cuddle bug, you’ll want a well-stitched plush fabric.

Some toxins found in dog bones or toys can be dangerous to dogs, especially if they ingest it.

Chemicals like BPA can disrupt your pug’s system. Sometimes, it can even be fatal.

3. Purpose

Does your pug like to play fetch? Do they like to piece things apart?

Do they love the reward of a tasty treat while they chew?

Toys will serve several purposes.

  • Problem solving
  • Interactive play
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Crate training
  • Curbing destructive tendencies

4. Safety

We already talked a bit about why safety is so important.

Keeping your pet safe doesn’t end with buying the safest toy you can find.

Supervision is also a big factor.

Hanging out with your dog during play will make you a first responder if they swallow a squeaker or choke on a piece of foam.

Best Toys for Pugs: Favorite Picks & Reviews

1.ChuckIt! Ultra Ball (Overall Favorite)

The ChuckIt! Ultra Ball is my personal favorite because of its durability, value, and design.

These things last forever, plus you get two when you order. ChuckIts! are very inexpensive and have great bounce quality.

The ball has different textures of rubber, so it keeps things interesting. The balls are very vibrant orange and blue, so they’re easy to spot in the yard.

They float, too, so pool and ponds are fair game for play. After your dog tuckers out from chasing it, they can lay down and enjoy chomping on it.

If your dog is super crazy about fetch, the company makes a ball launcher separately.

These balls may not be your dog’s favorite if they don’t care for the chase.

Also, if they just want to destroy the ball, it may defeat the purpose as well.


  • Durable rubber
  • 2-pack
  • Outdoor/Indoor
  • Affordable
    • Not the best for dogs who don’t like fetch

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2. Outward Hound Doug the Pug Pizza Puzzle (Best Puzzle Toy)

The Outward Hound Doug the Pug Incrediplush Pizza is a fun little four-piece puzzle toy for your pug.

Your pug can spend time trying to break off each piece, which is held together by Velcro.

This concept really gives the illusion they are tearing something up—when they’re not.

Not only is the whole pizza plush and cozy, each piece also comes equipped with its own squeaker, making it more enticing.

This toy really promotes a solid session of solo play, or they can even enjoy tug-of-war with a friend.

You may have to reattach the pieces occasionally, but this gets you off the hook during playtime for the most part.

It will stimulate their minds and keep their mouths busy. But it may not be the best for aggressive chewers.


  • Very soft
  • Squeaker in each piece
  • Solo/group play
  • Velcro attachment
    • Not for heavy chewers

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3. Jalousie 12-Pack Dog Squeaky Toys (Best Value)

If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, the Jalousie 12-Pack Dog Squeaky Toys will make your pug happy for hours.

There is a 12-piece variety of colorful, adorable plush stuffed designs.

It’s aimed toward smaller breeds, like our beloved pugs, making each one perfectly sized for their mouth.

Each toy has its own squeaker, and they have their own shapes and textures.

Your pug will be able to pick out a favorite or two. You can keep a few in multiple rooms, too, so they always have something to keep them busy.

If you have a pug who loves having trophy toys rather than ripping them apart ruthlessly, this may be perfect for them.

These plushies won’t hold up against gnashing teeth.


  • 12-Pack
  • Various shapes and sizes
  • Squeakers in each
  • Perfect size for pugs
    • Not for heavy chewing

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4. OurPets IQ Treat Ball (Best Treat Toy)

The OurPets IQ Treat Ball is ideal if you want a durable ball that can double as a snack.

If your pug is anything like mine, combining play and snacks will be a paradise for them.

But it’s a snack they’ll have to work to get.

This ball has varying difficulty levels, so you can make it more challenging as you see fit.

When they roll the ball around, treats will naturally dispense.

It motivates your pug to stay active, looking for tasty gratification. They won’t even know they’re exercising!

The composition is easy—it just snaps apart and back together.

The design will only work with smaller treats, so you’ll want to make sure both aspects are compatible.


  • Motivational play
  • Durable design
  • Various difficulty levels
    • Only for small treats

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5. KONG Classic Dog Toy (Best for Chewers)

The KONG Classic Dog Toy is excellent for pugs who want to demolish any toy in their path.

It gives them something to gnaw on that’s durable enough to withstand moderate chewing.

The shape will make chewing stimulating for them.

The really awesome thing about the KONG toy design is that you can put peanut butter, or another snack, inside of the toy to promote chewing.

It’s smooth and simple to wipe down if it gets dirty. It’s pretty bouncy, too.

This KONG toy also works well if you want to keep your dog’s teeth clean, as the vigorous chewing shines the chompers.

The whole thing does have a strong rubbery smell when it’s new.


  • For heavy chewers
  • Heavy-duty rubber design
  • Great for dental hygiene
  • Multi-purpose play
    • Strong rubbery smell

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Tips for Safe Play with Pugs

  • Always supervise when you can
  • Remove any plastic tags or packaging before play
  • Be mindful of noisemakers, squeakers, or other internal components
  • Check seams and linings for breakdown or weak spots
  • Provide plenty of water to keep your pug hydrated
  • Inspect the toys after play to make sure they are properly in tact
  • You should use treat dispensing toys infrequently to prevent obesity


1.Can Toys Clean My Pug’s Teeth?

Absolutely, toys can clean your pug’s teeth. Many chew toys are designed primarily for scrubbing off plaque buildup and preventing tartar.

If your pug swallows a toy, the best advice is to contact your vet immediately.

Even though the piece they ate may end up being harmless, you won’t want to take the gamble.

Try not ever to shove your fingers into your dog’s mouth to dislodge a toy if you can’t see it very well, as you could push it further down—blocking the airway.

Also, don’t try to remove sharp pieces or pull on strings, as you  could damage the esophagus.

However, if the toy is very visible, you can attempt to remove it, only if you feel comfortable doing so. Use two people, if possible.

  1. Place the dog’s lips around the teeth to create a barrier between your hand and a potential bite.
  2. With your index finger, sweep the mouth from the back to the front to release the toy.
  3. If you can’t get the toy to budge, don’t waste time! Call your vet office immediately.


This list of the best toys for pugs are sure to win your little one over.

While I love  ChuckIt! Ultra Ball  because it has a perfect bounce and lasts, another may have grabbed your attention.

But no matter your preference, hopefully this guide led you to your next pug toy purchase!