Best Muzzles for Pugs: Which is Best for Brachycephalic Dogs

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best muzzle for pugs

When it comes to our little pug companions, they can pose challenges with their spitfire personalities.

You may find yourself on the hunt for a dog muzzle, not really knowing which kind your pug can use.

The good news is companies have catered to this breed, along with their brachycephalic friends.

There are great muzzles for pugs to control biting, barking, and other bad behavior when necessary.

When it comes to my little pug Sid, I’m lucky that he’s pretty obedient and even-keeled.

However, I find having a pug muzzle on hand really helps in certain situations.

Let’s explore why maybe yours could use one, too.

Pug Muzzles: Key Takeaways

  • Pug Muzzles can be a safety precaution in new social settings by offering bark control, bite prevention, excessive chewing, and other negative mouth-associated
  • Take note—muzzles are not a solution to a problem. They are merely a momentary fix for behavioral issues. You should still address proper manners through obedience training with a professional.
  • There are three major muzzle styles:
    • The basket muzzle – perfect for outdoor use, obedience training, and lunging issues.
    • The soft muzzle – ideal for vet visits, grooming trips, and social settings.
    • The short-snout muzzle – a precise fit for our flat-faced friends.
  • Brachycephalic breeds require short-snout muzzles with accurate sizing to ensure effectiveness and appropriate wear.
  • Remember that a muzzle that is too tight or left on too long can cause breathing issues for your already-sensitive pug. Be mindful of duration and fit.
  • The JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle is our favorite for durability, comfort, and performance.

When Should Your Pug Muzzle Up?

What you really may want to know if muzzle-wearing is necessary for your unique situation.

I will say my pug Sid is extremely friendly and non-aggressive.

Inherently, I would never think that a muzzle would be essential to put on this innocent little face, but it does have its perks.

For example, when it comes to vet trips, my guy loves to show up other dogs.

For his protection, a muzzle is essential. Because even though he means no harm, it will stop him from provoking another dog or spooking a cat.

But how can a muzzle help your pug out?

1.Vetting & Grooming

Not all dogs take kindly to examinations, shots, or other invasive actions from strangers.

This kind of anxiety can cause nipping. Therefore, a muzzle can protect your vet or groomer.

2.Walks & Dog Parks

Pugs love charging along, addressing everything they meet with a gruff bark.

If you want to prevent the disruption during walks or play, a muzzle would be suitable for short periods.

Not only will it prevent barking, but it takes care of potential biting, too.

3.New Social Interactions

If your pug is meeting any person or creature for the first time, you never know how it will unfold.

Even though they may love your housecat, they may want to nip or chase the kitty outside.

It can help with little children, too. Ages under three can be a bit erratic, and not all animals take well to it.

Before you teach a child and your pet equal respect and control, which takes time, a muzzle can keep everyone safe.

4.Anxiety or Stress

Every living creature responds differently to stress and anxiety. Sometimes, it causes an animal to lash out aggressively.

If this is the case, it can alleviate some of your concerns. Everyone wins.

5.Preventing Destruction

Especially when it comes to puppies, they love to chew. When you can’t have your eye on them, it can help to prevent damage to your belongings.

Sid likes to chew the ends of my wooden table and chairs when he thinks I’m not looking.

If I’m going to be out of the room, it can serve as a quick answer since I know I can’t trust him to avoid temptation.

6.Post-Surgery or Injury

If your pug has recently had surgery or is recovering from an injury, a muzzle can keep them from irritating the problem areas.

7.The Big No-No’s in Muzzle-Wearing

I can’t stress enough—a muzzle isn’t a fix-all. An easy mistake to make is to think this is a permanent solution to other behaviors.

If your pooch is having aggression, destruction, or stress-related issues, this can help you address the core of the problem.

If your dog acts with excessive barking, biting, or chewing, there is an underlying issue.

Working with a trained professional to teach proper manners and alleviate anxiety is the only resolution.

Also, even though most muzzles don’t restrict eating or drinking, prolonged use isn’t healthy.

They need to pant to regulate their body temperature, which is not a possibility with all muzzles.

How to Select the Best Muzzle for Pugs

As with anything else, several elements need consideration before purchasing a muzzle for your pug.

Not only are raving positive reviews from fellow owners an excellent way to gauge a product, but there are also important aspects to look for as well.

  • Material

Some muzzles will be made of mesh and nylon, while others are rubberish material.

A big factor will be the type of muzzle you select for the purpose it serves.

For example, you will want a highly durable, properly fitting material if your dog is hyper-aggressive.

To prevent light nips or mischievous chewing, a lighter material would be sufficient.

  • Function

In the next section, we will discuss each muzzle style and its uses. You will want a muzzle depending on if it is for bite prevention, bark prevention, or as a safety mechanism.

  • Price

You won’t want a muzzle that will cost more than what it’s worth. While it is important not to skimp on cash to get a suitable product, you also don’t want to pay a high dollar unnecessarily.

  • Fitting

Pugs have wrinkly round heads, offset eyes, and practically no snout. Getting a muzzle for this facial shape is essential. Paying attention to sizing charts upon purchase is even more important.

A Lesson in Pug Muzzle Styles

As I mentioned before, there are three main muzzle styles made for our beloved dogs. Each one looks different and serves a certain purpose.

  • Basket Muzzle

Basket muzzles are just that—basket-shaped muzzles that fit around your dogs’ snout.

They are for very short-term use because this type restricts regular drinking and eating.

However, since they do allow room for your dog’s mouth to open, panting shouldn’t be a problem during short intervals.

They are primarily recommended for aggression issues by behaviorists.

  • Soft Sleeve Muzzle

Soft muzzles get their name due to their design. They are generally comprised of nylon or mesh and fit directly around the dog’s mouth. Because most often, this holds the mouth shut, it can be hazardous with prolonged use.

These muzzles are to prevent barking and biting temporarily.

  • Short Snout Muzzle

As you probably could guess by the name, this type is designed for dogs with short snouts. Brachycephalic dogs like pugs get a precise fit for the shape of their faces.

5 Best Muzzles for Pugs on the Market

Pugs can be a bit of a handful with a mind of their own. While bossy, you’ll need to take control at certain times, even if they don’t agree.

Thanks to the ever-evolving world of pet products, you have a better means of customizing according to their needs.

Because of your dog’s extra-sensitive breathing composition, it’s vital to both purchase and use the muzzle correctly.

No matter the reason for needing this for your pug, we think one of these five selections will be a hit.

1.  JYHY Short Snout Muzzle -Best Overall

This style may remind you of Bane on Batman, which is pretty cool in itself.

It is a great solution to stop your pugs from chewing on things or hurting other pets.

The mesh portions are fully breathable with padding to prevent eye or nose irritation.

While most pugs will typically fall in the medium category, measuring 11 to 17 inches around the head, it may also vary.

Be sure to take appropriate measurements before buying. It has an adjustable strap so you can fit it accordingly.

Another great feature of this muzzle is that they can eat, drink, and pant.

The sizing on this muzzle is important because if it’s a bit loose, they can pull it off and there is no collar attachment to keep it in place.


  • Looks stylish
  • Comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Can eat, drink, pant
  • Easy to breath
    • No collar attachment

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2. TANDD Short Snout Dog Muzzle— For Pugs that Eat Unmentionables

If you have a pug with a bad habit of getting into things you prefer they didn’t, the TANDD Short Snout Dog Muzzle may rid your troubles.

The mouth portion of this muzzle prevents your pug from dining on the buffet in your cat’s litter box among other undesirable things.

It’s a three-hole design that creates a secure fit, with adjustable straps to tailor to your guy or gal.

The fabric is soft PVC material with mesh covering, so it’s ultra durable and well-made. It’s breathable, without being ineffective.

While it works to prevent chewing or getting into things, your pug can still pant appropriately to cool down.

They can still whine and yip a bit, so this one isn’t ideal for barking prevention.


  • Breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to put on
  • Durable
    • Not best for barking issues

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3. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle — Best for Pugs with Behavioral Problems

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is a perfect selection to help pugs with behavior or aggression issues.

One feature that is amazing is that you can heat-shape the muzzle to fit your pug precisely.

You may worry that it looks heavy, but it is rather light.

It’s flexible and adjustable, so you can achieve a comfortable fit.

It has pre-holed webbing with a removable safety strap that you can use when needed. It has a collar and D-ring attachment.

There is a neoprene lining to keep from rubbing on the top of the snout.

This muzzle will keep your pug from lunging or attacking, so it’s perfect for obedience programs.

Unlike some other choices, your dog can take treats, quench thirst, and pant freely. However, it doesn’t prevent barking.


  • Flexible
  • Shape with heat
  • Added safety strap
  • D-ring and collar attachment
    • Does not control barking

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4. Petneces Dog Muzzle – Best for Anxiety

The Petneces Dog Muzzle can come into handy in a few ways. But the best way it really serves a purpose is for stress or anxiety.

This muzzle comes with complete covering, helping to calm down upset or stressed pugs. While it does have lenses over the eyes, they can still see through.

The eye design is so the mesh doesn’t rub on sensitive areas. However, it may feel too restrictive for some. It stays in place decently once you have adjusted it appropriately.

This would be a perfect muzzle for vet visits or grooming appointments. It prevents the dog from nipping in the event they’re overwhelmed.


  • Calms
  • Stays in place
  • Great for appointments
    • May be too restrictive

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5. Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit—Budget Friendly

The Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit muzzle is a simple fit. So, if you aren’t too crazy about straps and adjustments, this is a comfortable wear.

It can be used for short muzzles while will fit each dog differently. It’s a bit long for an ultra-shallow snout.

This muzzle is machine washable, so it is a breeze to clean. Your dog can drink, and pant.

But it prevents biting or barking. If your little guy is persistent like mine, it may not be efficient against the barking part.

There are multiple sizes, so do make sure you measure to order correctly.


  • Easy to put on
  • Simple to adjust
  • Machine washable
    • Not for all shallow snouts
    • Not as effective against barking

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1. Can My Pug Breathe with a Muzzle On?

Your pug will be able to breathe while wearing a muzzle. Do be sure it isn’t too tight or restricting airflow.

2. How Long Can a Pug Wear a Muzzle?

The length of time it takes does vary depending on what kind of muzzle you have chosen.

Since traditionally soft muzzles restrict panting, you would only want to use the muzzle up to 15 minutes at a time.

The basket-style, however, can remain problem-free for up to 45 minutes.

3. How Can You Familiarize Your Pug with Their Muzzle?

As with any new toy or object that comes into your home, your pug will want to give it a good sniff.

Put it on them to test and praise them for a job well done with treats.

Do not use solely as a punishment tactic.

4. What Activities Can a Pug Perform While Wearing the Muzzle?

This will significantly depend on the type of muzzle you get.

Some will not prevent your pug from eating, drinking, or panting. Others will keep the mouth from opening completely.

If you need the muzzle for more extended periods, purchase accordingly.


Remember, a pug muzzle is a temporary solution to a bigger problem. They are meant to provide safety or prevention.

You know your pug better than anyone, and you know when he or she may need a little restraint.

It’s our job as pet parents to tend to the needs of our pets and those around them.

Wearing a muzzle in certain predicaments can provide a much more positive experience for everyone involved.