5 Best Dog Stroller for Pugs [2023 Reviews]

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best dog stroller for pugs

Sometimes, our pugs need a little help in terms of transportation.

Whether your furry friend has an injury, is slowing up with age, or is simply lazy on walks—a dog stroller can make everything better.

Buying the best stroller for your pug doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

While there are a few aspects to keep in mind, there are several on the market that can deliver.

Let’s dive in.

Pug Stroller: Key Takeaways

When you are finalizing your stroller selection, be sure to keep these things in mind.

1. Pugs can benefit from a stroller if they are injured, blind, elderly, very young, anxious, or too small for a busy crowd.

Since they are a brachycephalic breed, it can also help in high temperatures or long walks.

2. Be sure that the stroller of your choice has the correct weight capacity for your dog or animals.

3. Secure safety features like leash clips and seatbelts are crucial for the wellbeing of your pug.

If they are up wandering around, the stroller may tip and hurt your little guy or gal.

4. Four-wheel strollers are more compatible with smooth pavement, concrete, and other flat surfaces.

Three-wheel options tend to do better in bumpier or rougher terrain.

5. Remember, the stroller will take up space for storage. Be sure your model folds down to an accommodating

Best Dog Stroller for Pugs: Quick Picks

Why Would Pugs Need a Dog Stroller?

There are many ways a pug can benefit from a ride in a dog stroller.

It may not be an everyday solution for a healthy, capable pug, but it has its advantages for others.

1. Senior Pugs

As a pug’s body ages, they won’t be able to keep up the way they used to on walks or at events. Using a pet stroller can support them if their bodies are failing.

Pet strollers can protect aging pugs who have:

2. Brachycephalic Breeds

Pugs are brachycephalic, which means they have a shortened head.

With this structure, breeds that fall into this category often have issues breathing correctly.

Dog strollers can help these breeds by:

  • Eliminating breathing issues on long walks
  • Avoiding over-exertion in hot or cold temperatures
  • Keeping them from developing associated health issues

3. Puppies

Pugs are already a small breed, and a pug puppy may have quite a hard time keeping up the pace.

Strollers will help those little ones by:

  • Preventing aimlessly stumbling around on the leash
  • Helping them relax and nap as needed
  • Letting them take breaks, so they don’t overdo it

4. Crowds

Taking a small dog like a pug in a very crowded area can pose a few issues like having them stepped on, or getting loose in the madness.

If you’re taking your dog to an event or festival, strollers can help you:

  • Avoid losing them
  • Helping social anxiety
  • By acting as a barrier between other dogs or small kids
  • Prevent tripping others

5. Recovering Pugs

Pugs can run into a variety of genetic disorders or freak incidents that can require a non-active period.

Pug strollers can help your pug get out of the house while recovering from or dealing with:

  • Surgeries
  • Broken bones
  • Joint issues
  • Glaucoma

Choosing the Right Dog Stroller for Your Pug

If you’re going to pay the money for a Pug stroller, you’ll want to wind up with one that suits your needs.

Consider all aspects before you decide to buy.

1. Material

When it comes to the material you choose, you want to consider the makeup of the entire stroller.

  • Durable well-stitched fabric

The material giving out can cause accidents or health hazards for your pug.

Getting a strong fabric will ensure your pug is snug and safe while you’re using it.

  • Foam or rubber gripping on the handles

Having rubber or foam gripping on the handles will help you maintain better control on the direction and speed of the stroller.

Plastic or other slick materials don’t have capability of providing a firm hold.

  • Mesh zip-up or Velcro covering

Mesh is a very breathable material, which is really important if your pug is enclosed.

Typically, the mesh portion fits by zipping or latching with velcro.

Each one secures the mesh tightly to the opening and is easy to remove if you want the carriage open.

  • Solid, sturdy metal frame

The idea of a stroller collapsing with your pug inside is probably a nightmare.

Buying a stroller that is lightweight but still has a solid frame is imperative for a long-lasting, worthwhile, and safe experience.

2. Style

Aesthetics mean a lot, but the style of your stroller has more to offer than just looks.

  • Three-Wheel Design

A three-wheel design stroller is more suitable for rough terrain and jogging, as the front wheel is typically fixed in place, helping with steering control.

  • Four-Wheel Design

Four-Wheel Designs perform well on  flat-even surfaces.

Because the front wheels have a 360-swivel design, it doesn’t lend as much control on bumpier surfaces or at higher speeds.

3. Storage

How far will the stroller fold down? Will it fit in your vehicle when you travel? Will it be easy to store at home?

You’ll probably want a stroller that saves you the most space.

All strollers fold down, however, some will be more compact than others.

Each product will have measurements so you can be sure you can keep it up when it isn’t in use.

4. Function

Different designs will offer various functions. These features will make your stroller experience safer and easier.

  • Zipless entry

Zipless entry provides a hands-free approach to getting your pug inside the stroller without having to fiddle with zippers.

  • Number of Entry Points

When it comes to loading your pug into the stroller, some will feature both a front and back entry point while others only have one.

  • Amount of built-in storage

Strollers can have cup holders on the handles as well as undercarriage baskets for storage.

These compartments can vary in size.

If you tend to carry quite a bit of your pup’s or your personal belongings on walks, you’ll need the proper dimensions.

  • Leash clips and attachments to secure your dog

The safety of your pug is reliant on these leash clips and attachments.

They act as seat belts essentially, keeping your pug from rambunctiously romping inside, potential tipping the stroller, or even escaping.

  • Brake locks

You won’t want your stroller rolling away from you.

Ensuring your stroller is equipped with back brake locks will successfully keep it immobile when you need to take your pug from the stroller or simply need to stop for a few minutes.

Best Dog Strollers for Pugs: Top Favorites

1. Paws & Pals Dog 4-Wheel Elite Jogger—(My Favorite)

I really love the Paws & Pals Stroller because its extremely affordable, compact, spacious, and easy to use.

I feel like it has every quality to meet my needs on any outing. It’s easy to set-up and folds down.

It doesn’t take up much space, fitting very well in the trunk of a small sedan.

It has two cup holders and a bottom storage bin to safely keep your belongings while you use it.

There is a seatbelt inside of the pet compartment so that you can secure them inside.

It has a breathable mesh cover, but you can snap this feature on or off as you choose.

The inside is roomy where your pug can sit up or lay down at their leisure.

The only thing I really don’t care for is that it is a bit shaky on rougher surfaces.

It’s definitely manageable but not as smooth as I would expect.


  • Generous storage
  • Optional mesh cover
  • Affordable
  • Safety straps
    • Not super smooth on rough surfaces

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2. Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller (Best No-Zip Stroller)

I really enjoyed the aesthetics and color schemes of the Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller.

The fabric is exceptionally durable, and the no-zip feature makes it very user-friendly.

Instead of a traditional zipper exit and entry, it is a hassle-free latch that you can use with even one arm.

The maximum weight limit is 25 pounds, making it absolutely perfect for any size of pug.

The wheels are 6 inches in diameter and absorb shock very well.

It was a breeze pushing through bumpier areas on walks.

There are also two cupholders and a decent sized undercarriage.

This nifty little four-wheel design is excellent for walks around town.

But I wouldn’t recommend this stroller if you are an avid jogger or plan to go at higher speeds.

It causes the wheels to wobble, unable to have full control over the stroller.


  • Stylish
  • No-Zip Entry
  • 25 weight limit
  • Efficient storage
    • Not very good at high speeds

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3. Ibayaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier (Best Multi-Functional Stroller)

If you’re often on the go or love to travel, investing in the ibayaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier could work out beautifully for you.

It will definitely save you from having to purchase products separately.

This product transforms into a stroller, carseat, backpack, carrier, and a rolling carrier.

If you’re wondering about the safety of each component, these strollers pass the same tests as human baby strollers.

That should give a good indication of how sturdy and safe they are.

The transition from function to function takes just a few minutes, and it’s not hard to figure out each one.

They have adorable, bright color varieties and each one is beautiful.

While it comfortably fits a full-grown pug, it won’t give them as much room to move around.

So, while each function can come in handy, I wouldn’t recommend it for extremely long periods.


  • 5-in-1
  • Easy to switch between functions
  • Same safety test as baby strollers
  • Stylish
    • Not extremely spacious

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4. DODO PET Dog/Cat Stroller (Best Multi-Pet Stroller)   

If you have multiple pets, the DODO PET Dog/Cat stroller could be just what you need.

This stroller is spacious, durable, and capable—holding up to 50 pounds.

Each rear wheel has a brake feature for optimal safety, and it’s incredibly easy to fold down and store away.

There is a super cozy liner on the inside of the carrier so your pets can ride in comfort.

The wheels each have an anti-vibrational system for smoother riding experience.

Also, you can face your pet toward or away from you by switching the reversible handlebars.

The outside of made of tear-resistant waterproof nylon and mesh—both are sturdy and durable.

I was really impressed by the quality and weight capacity.

However, it may not be the best selection for you if you don’t need the extra space.


  • Great for multi-pets
  • Thick wheels with anti-vibration technology
  • Easy to maneuver and assemble
    • You may not need the extra space

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

5. Hauck TOGfit Pet Roadster (Best Three-Wheel Stroller)

This gorgeous Hauck TOGfit Pet Roadster is highly efficient in many areas—and the price reflects that.

If you really want to pamper your pug, this is an ultra-comfortable, sleek, and well-made product.

The back entry and exit is an open concept, making it especially easy for recovering or elderly pugs to get in and out.

The softly padded handle is adjustable, so you can tailor it to match your height while walking comfortably.

The three-wheel design makes it ideal for joggers or if you want to use it on bumpier terrain.

You have t make sure your pet is safely strapped in.

Uneven distribution of weight could cause this stroller to tip over.


  • Very comfortable
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable handle
  • A three-wheel design ideal for jogging
    • Expensive
    • Can tip with uneven weight

>> Check Price on Amazon <<


1. How Do to Get Your Pug Used to Their Stroller?

As with anything you bring home, your pug may be hesitant about your new purchase.

But there are a few ways you can familiarize them with their unique personal taxi service.

  • Let them sniff around for a while
  • Gradually show them the entrance
  • Appeal to their appetite—coax them in with a tasty treat
  • Let them get acquainted with the carriage under supervision
  • Once they’re comfortable, strap them in
  • Take them on a test cruise inside your home
  • When they seem well-adjusted, take them out on the town

2. What Types of Wheels Are Best for a Pug Stroller?

The best kind of wheels for a pug stroller is durable rubber or heavy-duty plastic that has anti-vibration or shock-resistant technology.


I stand by my pick for the Paws & Pals Dog 4-Wheel Elite Jogger due to its affordable price, value, durability, and easy storage.

But if you need a stroller with a bit more purpose, one of the other selections may steal your vote for the best dog stroller for pugs.

Now that you have had a chance to sift through these fantastic products, you likely have your sights set on the right one for your pug.

Hopefully, they’ll be rolling in style in no time.