Best Boots for Pugs: Keeping Pup’s Paw Pads Protected!

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best boots for pugs

Maybe you haven’t thought much about it, but pugs have dainty little paws.

When it comes to keeping their paw pads from harm, it’s best to keep a pair of boots on hand.

Boots can create a barrier between your pug’s feet and freezing or burning temperatures and rough terrain.

They can also safeguard against injury. And of course, they look cute to boot (pun intended).

I wrangled up some of the best boots for pugs to fit different situations.

In this guide, I want to go in-depth about when your pug should wear boots and what you should consider before you buy.

Boots for Pugs: Takeaways

To summarize some key points quickly, here are a few things you should remember.

1. Learn how to size before you buy. Measuring is everything! Boots should fit snugly but not too tight. They should also appropriately fit around problem areas if injury exists.

2. Hard surfaces like cement, pavement, gravel, and brick soak in external temperatures. Because of the risk of burning, blistering, or getting frostbite—boots are essential.

3. If you’re hiking or walking with your pug on rough terrain with jagged edges or briars, protective wear can prevent cuts and other harm.

4. Boots can assist older dogs to get around on slick surfaces, like hardwood floors and linoleum. They provide traction, which helps hips and joints.

5. Materials provide different benefits, depending on your needs. Some are waterproof, extreme temperature resistant, breathable neoprene, and sturdy nylon.

6. Dewclaws can get in the way sometimes, and they can bleed a lot when they get hurt.  Having a pair of boots can keep this appendage safe while allowing your pug to romp outside.

7. The best dog boots for pugs are:

  • Lightweight but durable
  • Easy to walk in
  • Made for a specific purpose (ie. Temperature, terrain, or injury protection)
  • Not too loose or too tight

Best Pug Boots—Quick Picks

  1. Bark Brite Neoprene Paw Protector Boots (Lightweight, durable, effective)
  2. Lymenden Dog Boots (Reflective and waterproof, perfect for the great outdoors)
  3. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots (Helps senior pugs with hip issues)
  4. Ulandego Winter Dog Boots (protects against snow and frigid temperatures)
  5. The VetGood Extreme Boot (A guard for existing injury or medical issues)

Are Pug Booties Really Necessary?

I know when I purchased Sid his first set of boots, I wondered if it was really necessary. After all, a dog’s paw pads act as shoes for dogs.

But after realizing how badly his paws could get damaged in the elements, I saw the value.

  • Protecting Dewclaws

Dewclaws are the tiny little “thumbs” on the inner portions of the feet. Not all dogs are born with these dewclaws, and breeders usually remove them after birth.

If your pug has dewclaws, wearing booties can prevent these appendages from getting snagged, twisted, or turned.

If they’re damaged, it can bleed profusely because of the blood flow to the area.

Sid has dewclaws, so we have to be extra careful of what he tromps around on.

  • Protecting Injured Pugs

Some pugs have existing issues such as cracked paws, splints, casts, or incisions.

The boots can help to provide a layer of protection.

  • Prevent from Licking Paws

Many pugs can excessively lick their paws. While it’s normal for dogs to clean their paws during grooming, licking continuously can crack or irritate the pads.

Wearing boots in the house can prevent this behavior, so they don’t hurt themselves.

However, it is important to get to the underlying reason, as this usually signals an underlying medical issue.

  • Preventing Frostbite

If you plan to let your pug romp around in the snow on a very cold day, boots are a must!

Ice melt and snow can wreak havoc on their sensitive feet. Frostbite can affect other areas like the soft flesh on the face, too.

Once the outside temperature falls below freezing, your pug is at high risk for potential frostbite.

They are susceptible after roughly 30 minutes—and in extreme cold, only 15 minutes.

  • Shielding Against Heat

Asphalt, pavement, gravel, cement, and other hard surfaces are like frying pans in the sun.

If you have ever walked barefoot on it, imagine how much damage it could do to your pug’s paws.

High temperatures can cause blistering, cracking, and even second-degree burns.

Many boots have a strong temperature-resistant bottom to keep their little toes from damage.

Consider These Factors When You Shop for Pug Boots

It may seem simple. Your pug needs boots, so you buy them a pair. But there’s actually a lot more that goes into it.

You will want a pair that fits securely, acts efficiently, and works for the intended purpose.

  • Accurate Measuring

I can’t stress this enough—measure! Each pair of boots has a unique design and therefore, will fit differently.

Guessing what size to order leads to returns, exchanges, and disappointment.

Your pug needs a pair of booties that won’t slip off, restrict the foot, or slide around.

  • Uncomplicated Application

If your pug is anything like mine, he or she will probably fight you tooth and nail when you put the boots on.

Choosing a design that is easy to quickly secure over the paw is crucial.

Many designs will simply slip over the paw, having elastic velcro or a drawstring to keep it in place.

  • Secure Straps

It may be very tempting for your pug to try to take off their boots themselves.

Having secure straps that stay in place is crucial. Many straps are made of velcro or an elastic drawstring attachment.

Having high-quality straps maintains proper and firm closure.

  • Heavy Duty, Comfy Wear

Durability and comfort go hand-in-hand. You want material soft and pliable enough that your pug can move naturally, but strong enough to last.

Lots of boots use neoprene, silicone, and other soft, bendy materials to fit around the leg and foot.

Then, they use a tough rubber sole to protect the bottom.

You’ll want a perfect balance between the two, so they aren’t too clunky or easily destroyed.

  • Water Resistant

Water-resistant boots can come in handy for so many reasons.

It can protect the paws on outdoor waterway adventures, mornings of thick dew, and in rainy, icy, or snowy weather.

  • Reflective Strips

Just as other gear like harnesses, leashes, and collars can be reflective, boots can provide high visibility, too.

Many selections have reflective strips on the material so others can see your pug in low light environments.

  • Protect Dewclaws

If you’re walking your pug in high grass, wooded, or rocky areas, the dewclaws are prone to snags or tears.

If your pug has a set of dewclaws that are flimsy, boots can secure them in place.

  • Stylish Looks

Of course, looks are important, too. Maybe you want their boots to match their other gear or accessories. That part will be a cinch.

There are plenty of flairs, colors, and designs to choose from.

You can tailor your pug’s whole style for outings while being practical at the same time.

Best Boots for Pugs to Protect Their Paws

1. All for Paws Dog Paw Protector Boots—Best Overall

These All for Paws Dog Paw Protector Boots are my favorite overall because of their versatility.

Your pug can wear them in all four seasons, as they hold up on hot and freezing surfaces.

You can use them indoors as well to prevent slipping or injury on slick floors.

Made of a very lightweight mesh fabric, synthesized rubber and outsoles are perfect for comfort and traction.

These boots are very airy and breathable. Both straps secure snugly around the leg area for double security.

They’re a bit difficult to get on, but they stay on beautifully. The company offers a three year warranty and money-back guarantee.

So, if you run into any issues, you can return, hassle-free.


  • Made for hot and cold temperatures
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Lightweight and secure
  • Money-back guarantee
    • A bit hard to get on

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2. Lymenden Dog Boots—Best for Hikes

These Lymednen Dog Boots are ideal for hikes and walks on rough terrain.

The soles are waterproof and wear-resistant, suitable for both hot and cold weather.

They’re anti-slip, providing traction on slick, icy, or loose surfaces.

The straps are reflective Velcro, lending higher visibility at darker times.

They are hand-washable and straightforward to wipe down.

So, after traipsing around in the muck and mire, you can clean them with ease.

They aren’t too complicated to put on, either. Once you fit them to your pug’s paws, they stay on without rubbing.

Because of the high traction, you can even put them on your pug if you have linoleum, tile, or hardwood surfaces so they can walk without struggling.

While the material is very durable and high quality, they are a bit bulky and not so breathable.

As long as your pug doesn’t struggle in them, they are a great buy!


  • Perfect for outdoor hikes
  • For hot and cold weather
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant
  • High traction
    • A bit bulky on the feet
    • Less breathable than other boots

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3. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots Boots – Best for Senior Pugs

The Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots are fabulous for senior dogs that need a little extra help with mobility.

As they age, it can be harder to move around on slick floors.

If you have an older pug who suffers from joint or hip issues, these could very well be what your pug needs to get around.

The foam cushion is skid-resistant and tremendously flexible.

They will fit your pug’s foot without being too restrictive, allowing proper blood flow through the extremities. The Velcro strap adjusts accordingly.

Your pug can wear them in hot, cold, wet, or dry weather—but they aren’t quite as heavy-duty for extreme outdoor adventures.

Since they are thin, they may not last as long with constant wear.

However, if your elderly gent or lady needs a little help around the house, they are excellent.


  • Ideal for senior pugs
  • Flexible, skid-resistant foam
  • Adjusts to fit securely
  • Light on the feet
    • Not for harsh wear
    • Not heavy-duty

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4. Ulandego Winter Dog Boots—Best for Winter

These Uldandego Winter Boots look like a stylish little pair of mittens, and they work just as well.

If you want a pair of boots to protect your pug from the ice, snow, and harsh temperatures of a winter climate, look no further.

The inside polar fleece lining and the outside is soft, waterproof neoprene.

The strap is fully adjustable reflective elastic, providing nighttime visibility.

The soles have ridges to give better traction in the slippery snow.

These boots were designed explicitly for frigid, cold weather. T

hey would be too hot for summer wear and too bulky for indoor wear so, while they are very durable and adorable,  to the winter wardrobe.


  • High traction
  • Ideal for bitter cold, snow, and ice
  • Polar fleece-lined
  • Stylish
    • For cold weather only
    • Too bulky for indoor use

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5.The VetGood Extreme Boot—Best for Medical Issues

If your pug is recovering from an injury, check out the VetGood Extreme Boot.

With the convenient drawstring feature, it fits above the bend on the legs. It can protect wound dressings, casts, incisions, and other injuries.

The nylon is entirely waterproof so that moisture won’t penetrate or disturb the injured areas. The sole is highly durable TPC material.

It’s also machine-washable. Once it’s ready for a cleaning, you can toss it in the wash and hang it up to dry.

Unlike a four-pack of booties, this is a single boot meant to address medical issues only.

Keeping affected areas dry, covered, and out of the elements can help your pug heal much faster.

Sizing is super important with this boot, as it will slide down on the leg if it’s too loose—defeating the purpose.


  • Fits over casts, splints, and bandages
  • Waterproof
  • TPC sole
  • Machine-washable
    • Singular boot only
    • Solely designed for wound coverage

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1. How do you measure your Pug’s paws?

  1. Grab a piece of paper and place a front paw onto the sheet.
  2. Lift the opposite paw, so the weight transfers to the one foot, fully expanding it.
  3. Trace the paw onto the paper.
  4. Measure the widest part of the outline.
  5. Repeat these steps with a back leg to address any size differences.

2. Can snow hurt a Pug’s paws?

Yes, snow can hurt a pug’s paws. In addition to frostbite, cold snow can dry out and split paw pads.

Also, many times in winter months, the ground is seasoned with salt and chemicals to melt snow.

When your pug walks around for an extended period in snow or ice, it can cause chemical burns.


No matter what issue your pug faces, boots can be a saving grace in many situations. Boots aren’t just a weather barrier.

They are ideal for a wide variety of ailments, medical situations, sensitivities, and conveniences.

While I think the best boots for pugs are the Bark Brite Neoprene Paw Protector Boots, it’s a matter of preference and primary needs.

I hope you found a perfect match on this list to cover up their little tootsies, keeping them happy and wound-free.